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The Legal Liability of Keyword Metatags?

Nobody really debates too much about keyword metatags anymore. Google and MSN ignore them, Yahoo and Ask don’t, but go stuffing them or you risk search engine penalties. But rarely does anybody bring up the legal liabilities of what’s in your keyword tags.

American Airlines Jets Google To Court
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The whole keyword-advertising-violates-our-trademark debate has been brought to court more than once and more than once has been unsuccessful. American Airlines, though, is perhaps the largest company to make the claim, filing a trademark violation suit against Google.

FCC Nixes Airline Cellular, Approves WiFi

Airline travelers will soon have the opportunity to surf the Internet mid-flight by way of wireless networks, as many aircraft are now beginning to be outfitted with WiFi equipment. Even though the FCC has put it stamp of approval for in-flight WiFi, it still has reservations about the viability of offering cellular service to airline passengers.

The AOL Search Data and Liquids on Airlines

These are two mostly unrelated thoughts, but that’s what you get some days.

Airlines Want iTunes To Take Flight

Instead of hoarding frequent flyer miles for the possibility of getting a free ticket to a holiday hot spot someday, airlines would like to see those travelers use those miles on something far more attainable.

American Airlines Wants Google to Reveal User Info

According to The Mercury News, American Airlines wants Google to reveal the identity of the person who uploaded a copyrighted video to Google Video.

American Airlines Flies Subpoena To Google

An excerpt of a copyrighted training video that showed up on Google Video has led American to demand the identity of the uploader via a subpoena.

Loyalty Programs for Search

A number of folks have commented on the survey that some Yahoo! Mail users received about search incentives.

Tablet PCs for American Airlines

American Airlines announced they would be adding tablet PCs in a technology agreement with Lenovo. The agreement allows Lenovo to provide tablets in Admirals Club lounges as an added service for business travelers.

Going for that 25 Percent

There’s been a lot of talk about the 25 percent.

The Case For Open Comments

I’m not very hep on comment moderation. I think it’s a line for bloggers that cannot handle criticism – why is the blogosphere so full of thin-skinned people? – but the usual line trotted out that it’s to stop comment SPAM.

United Airlines May Avert Union Action

Last minute negotiations with the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association yielded a ratified agreement.

S&P: Turbulence Not Over For Airlines

Standard & Poor (S&P) said the airline industry would continue flounder amid higher fuel costs, stiff competition from cheaper airlines and increasing labor costs. S&P said on Thursday in their semi-annual survey of airlines that investors will be hard pressed to make money with most major airlines.

In-Flight Live TV Coming

First, there was the expansion of in-flight wi-fi so that you could remain connected to the net on your flight across the Atlantic or Pacific.

Airlines Look Longingly For Pension Relief

United gets a multi-billion dollar break from a federal bankruptcy court, laying nearly $10 billion USD off its books.

Airlines in Trouble: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Right now, a number of airline companies are in the headlines with real financial worries. Delta is in real trouble and may have to file bankruptcy. United is looking to unload pensions for its employees and flight attendants and mechanics are threatening to strike if they do. US Airways is in bankruptcy and is getting ready to merge with America West. What’s the problem? What do these airlines continue to struggle?

Japan Airlines Chairman Steps Down

Isao Kaneko, Chairman and Director or Japan Airlines Corp, will be stepping down this month.

American Airlines Raises Fares To Keep Up WIth Oil

American Airlines is increasing most domestic U.S. and U.S.-Canada fares by $5 one-way and $10 round-trip.

Southwest Airlines Beats Expectations for 1Q

Southwest Airlines reported first quarter 2005 net income of $76 million, or $.09 per diluted share, compared to $26 million for first quarter 2004, or $.03 per diluted share.

Airlines To Raise Fares Again

Major U.S. airlines want to raise fares by $10 per round trip blaming the cost of jet fuel.

Northwest Airlines Reevaluates Cost Cuts

Northwest Airlines announced in January that it was reevaluating its annual labor cost-savings target of $950 million.