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F-22 Hypoxia: Was an Inflatable Vest the Culprit?

F-22 hypoxia might have been caused by an inflatable vest worn by pilots to prevent damage to their lungs, according to CBS News. The F-22 Raptor is considered by many to be America’s most advanced fighter plane, with each plane costing roughly $143 million to manufacture. When you’re shelling out that much money for a single jet, the last thing …

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Drone Crash in Maryland: No Injuries Reported

A drone crash on Maryland’s Eastern Shore occurred on Monday, though no injuries or property damage was reported. According to a spokeswoman from the Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons program, the 44-foot unmanned plane was on a routine training mission when it crashed near Bloodsworth Island. Due to the amount of burning debris at the crash site, authorities set up …

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