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Chuck Hagel, Defense Secretary, To Visit China

It looks like Chuck Hagel will be missing out on the NCAA men’s basketball championship game Monday night. Hagel, the U.S. defense secretary, will be making a trip out of the country on Monday. Hagel will be heading to China to start off his work week and while there it is expected he will visit China’s sole aircraft carrier. Washington’s …

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USS Forrestal Begins Voyage to Scrap Yard

The USS Forrestal, the Navy’s first “supercarrier,” has begun its final voyage after having been sold for scrap for $0.01. The ship, decommissioned since 1993, has left Philadelphia, bound for All Star Metals in Brownville, Texas, where it will be parted out. The 1,067 foot ship, an active military vessel for 38 years, is best known as the site of …

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USS Gerald Ford Gets Christened By Navy

The Navy christened its newest, most efficient carrier which will join the fleet in 2016. The USS Gerald R. Ford is the prime ship in the next fleet of aircraft carriers in the Navy. This represents the first new aircraft carrier design in more than four decades. (image) image via Wikipedia The USS Gerald R. Ford is named after President …

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First Unmanned Plane Lands on Aircraft Carrier

In a first for the United States Navy, or any combat for in history for that matter, an unmanned combat air vehicle has been landed on an aircraft carrier, with no onboard pilot whatsoever. The X-47B “Salty Dog 502” landed on the USS George H.W. Bush, sailing off the coast of Virginia, on Wednesday. Capt. Jaime Engdahl on the Navy …

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