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Boeing 777x Outclasses Airbus A380 Airplane Design

The Airbus A380, a double-deck four-engine jet, must keep improving its design if it wants to match the Boeing twin-aisle airplane called the 777x, which is scheduled to be used for service within the next decade. Fabrice Bregier, CEO of Airbus, said, “After 2020, we will face the challenge of the Boeing 777X, and it is clear that as the …

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Delta Stock Up After Strong Holiday, New Seats

Today Delta Air Lines announced that it will spend over $770 million through 2016 to refurbish 225 of its domestic narrowbody planes, including the Boeing 757-200, 737-800, Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft, bolstering its stock price after seeing a strong 2013 holiday. Planned upgrades will include the addition of slim-line seats with adjustable headrests, power at every seat, restroom overhauls …

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Boeing 777X Aircraft to be Built in Multiple Locales

Since its inception in the 1910’s, Boeing airplanes have been designed, engineered, and constructed in the Puget Sound area of Washington. Over the years, Boeing has established factories in several other locations in order to produce more parts, but the design, engineering, and overall construction has always been conducted at the Seattle-area warehouse. However, times are a-changin’. In an internal …

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Airbus Lands Historic Deal with Japan Airlines

Boeing found itself losing its essential monopoly on the Japanese aerospace market Monday morning as Japan Airlines (JAL) signed a deal with Airbus worth $294.5 billion. The deal is for 31 wide-body A350 jets, with the future option to purchase 25 more at the same price. The deal comes as a huge blow to Boeing, having dominated the market in …

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Yes, Google Even Has Street View Imagery From Inside Planes

On the Google Maps Facebook page, Google is pointing to some Street View imagery it has from inside a plane. The imagery actually comes from Google’s Business Photos program. The photos are of the inside of the Airbus A380. Take a look: The images come from Dubai International Airport. For a glimpse into how Google’s Trusted Photographers operate within the …

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