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Jordan XX9 Shoes Designed as “Best Performance Basketball Shoe Ever”

After two years and twenty people, the new Jordan XX9 shoes have been revealed. Although you can look at pictures of the shoe and hear about the design online, Nike will not release it until September, right at the start of basketball season. You will also have to pay 225 dollars if you want a pair of your own. To …

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Michael Jordan Earns $90M, Highest-Grossing Retired Athlete

Michael Jordan hasn’t been on the court in over ten years, but that doesn’t mean the former athlete has stopped making money. According to Forbes, the famous Chicago Bulls player made $90 million last year, making him the highest paid retired athlete. Among current athletes, Jordan still comes in second place, right behind Floyd Mayweather. And it’s all thanks to …

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Air Jordan Brawls: Fights Breakout Across The U.S.

From the East coast to the West coast, fights ensued at various store locations throughout the U.S. over the new Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue sneakers, as crowds wrestled and punched each other in corner-bending lines. One of the brawls took place in Weberstown Mall, in Stockton Calif., where a video shows several men punching each other inside the sneaker …

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The Difficulties of Being Michael Jordan

You know that dream you have about trading places with Michael Jordan, or, well, any famous athlete/actor/celebrity? You probably think it would be pretty great, don’t you? All that money, all that fame, and all that ability. The world would be your oyster, right? Nothing could touch you, right? But what happens if you share the same name as that …

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