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George W. Bush Shows off His Art to World Leaders

Who knew? President George W. Bush is a painter and he’s proud enough of his work to share his art with some of the most powerful people in the free world. Some would think a 16 hour flight with a passenger list that included President Obama, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton would get …

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Department of Defense Releases 30 Year Aviation Plan

The department of defense released their 30 year plan for the entire fleet of aircraft currently available to the Department of the Air Force (DoF), Department of the Navy (DoN-includes the Navy and Marines), and the Department of the Army (DoA). The report included funding for replacements to Air Force One and the military’s aging 4th generation fighters (F/A-18, F-16, …

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Replacements For Air Force One In The Works

In the latest version of the Pentagon’s aviation plans it was revealed that plans are being put in place to replace the aging planes that ferry the President around the world. The Boeing 747 varient the VC-25, has been the primary means of transport since 1991 and the 2 planes are in need of retiring. “We have recognized for several …

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