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Here’s What Adobe Is Doing With Flash Runtime

Adobe recently posted an update on the Flash Runtime on its official blog in hopes of addressing questions people have been asking on various forums. Product manager and customer advocate for the Flash Runtime product team, Chris Campbell, who has spent a lot of time in the forums, talks about what the team has been up to. He says they’ve …

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Flash Player 11.9 Updated, Improves Safari With Safe Mode

It’s that time of the month again where Adobe releases another update for Flash Player and AIR. This month’s update includes a number of fixes and new features for Windows and Mac platforms. To start off, here are all the fixes that are in the latest versions of Flash Player and AIR: [3650590] [OSX] – App Updater Crashes on MacOS …

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Flash Player 11.7, AIR 3.7 Introduce New Features And Tools

Adobe continues its tireless march of improving its software with new updates being released for both Flash Player and AIR today. First, Flash Player is now up to version 11.7. The latest version introduces better security “through sandboxing enhancements.” The Flash Player team has also fixed “high priority bugs, and issues that were reported by our community and partners.” In …

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Adobe Game Jam Shows Off The Latest Flash Development Tools

Earlier this month, Adobe added its popular game development tools to its Creative Cloud membership program. The move will help lower the entry barrier into developing with Flash as it lets developers have access to every Adobe CS6, Web and game development tool for a low monthly fee. On top of that, Adobe hosted a Game Jam that proves its …

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Adobe Releases AIR And Flash Player Betas

Adobe is taking a two pronged approach to Web-based media going forward. The company has discontinued support for Flash on Android, but AIR is a more than worthy successor for the mobile Web. Flash is still going strong on desktop as it powers the future of Web-based video and gaming. To help test the future of these two platforms, Adobe …

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