AIM Articles

AOL Triton Update To AIM Goes Modular

New AIM client will expand beyond supporting video conferencing and Voice over Internet Protocol.

Triton Replacing AIM Client

America Online begins beta test of new instant messaging client, the first significant update to AIM.

AOL Says Rumors Related To New TOS Terms Are False
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An AOL representive responded today to a Steve Rubel post criticizing new TOS terms via a comment in his Micro Persuasion blog.

Family Tech Support Recommendations

Ross provides his simple recommendations for the annual family tech support ritual otherwise known as the end of year holidays.

AOL’s Service For the Hearing Impaired
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America Online announced an expanded partnership to launch the new My IP Relay Number service.

AOL’s AIM Voice Conferencing

AOL has launched the consumer version of its AIM Voice Conferencing service (AVC) along with a special holiday offer of 500 free AVC minutes for each new AVC user.

Aim At The Bullseye And Your Online Home Business Will Prosper

Traffic is one thing, but targeted traffic is everything.

AOL Boosts AIM Relay Service

Hamilton Relay Services will now be accessible through AOL’s AIM Relay Service. The AIM Relay Service builds upon the popularity of the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) service within the deaf, hard of hearing and speech-disabled communities.

AOL Launches Mobile Developer Program

LG Electronics, Motorola, Samsung Telecommunications America and Siemens Join AOL Mobile Developer Program to Provide Customers with the Nation’s Most Popular Instant Messaging Service.

Nokia and Vodafone Aim to Simplify Mobile Java Standards

Mobile industry leaders create specifications for open unified mobile Java services architecture.

Marketing is Just a Game

CNET’s gaming industry portal GameSpot covers over 7,500 products and has over one million users per day.

Building a Brand Online

Customers don’t necessarily recognize the differences between channels, noted Travelocity CEO and President Michelle Peluso.

Advertising is Changing

CNET CEO and Chairman Shelby Bonnie believes advertising is fundamentally changing and the mindset of what marketing is needs to change along with it.

Ready Aim Did I Say “Aim”?

If your web-based business solves a specific problem, then your chances of online success are good — this is not a facetious statement because you’d be surprised to know how many businesses go online with no clear objective whatsoever. But in order to increase those chances, an immensely important step in marketing effectively online is required — targeting.

Ready, Fire … Aim!

Almost every book about starting a new business begins by telling you to write a business plan. Many readers run in terror, others jot some notes on a pad and a very few sit down to write out a comprehensive strategic plan for their business.

Aim Your Story at the National News Media

Begin at the bottom rung of the news media and work your way to the top. That’s the conventional wisdom most companies follow. PR specialists call this “building credibility.”

“We’ll begin with the trade publications and the small newspapers,” they say. “Once we build our credibility there, we can move up to the daily newspapers and to large-market television. And if we succeed there, maybe … just maybe … we can break in with the national media. This will take years of hard work, but we can get you there if you trust us and do as we say.”

‘Take Dead Aim’ with Affiliate Programs

One of the key success secrets for those that are successful with affiliate programs is to focus. You must take dead aim.