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Technoratis Blogger Tip: Aim For The Middle

Technorati’s Dave Sifry has a word of advice for blogger upstarts: find your niche and aim for “The Magic Middle.” Sifry says there’s a middle ground, where topic specialization, a modest number of inbound links, and a little help from some new features can be enough to climb the ladder of blog success.

AOL, WebEx AIM At The Office

A collaboration between AOL and online meeting facilitator WebEx plan to offer a business version of AIM to enterprise customers on a subscription basis.

Music Labels Aim Amazon At Apple

The dominance of the iTunes Music Store could see a challenge from Seattle, if reports of the pending debut of an Amazon digital music presence come true.

AIM Slogan Stoned For Blasphemy

It sure is getting easy to blaspheme these days. An AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) user lost his religion about the company’s new slogan, an apparent scrambling of the letters AIM into I AM.” The user calls the slogan “blasphemy” and a “vulgar sin of offence.”

Taking Aim At Online Auctions

There’s nothing like the simple joys of finding something on eBay, putting in a bid, watching the auction clock tick down, and having someone snipe the item out from under the rest of the bidders.

Google Talk And AIM: Buddies

One underreported provision of Google’s billion-dollar deal with AOL is that AOL will make Google Talk interoperable with AOL Instant Messenger.

AOL Launches AIM Triton Service

The full release client arrives with instant messaging, email, SMS, voice, and video chat options, and includes access to the company’s VoIP service, TotalTalk.

AIM Worm Installs Rootkit

FaceTime Security Labs reported that a variant of the Sdbot worm has been making the rounds on AIM via chats and instant messaging.

AOLs Sending AIM To College

America Online, better known as AOL started an AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) ad campaign designed to resonate with that most desirable of demographics, college kids. AOL, in its campaign to revitalize, has attempted to create both a top-notch portal environment but also to become one of those habits of life.

Four Communities Getting An AIM Presence
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America Online has focused on blogging and community sites, and secured deals that make AIM the preferred or exclusive IM provider on them; it’s a series of shrewd moves that enhances the value of AOL’s advertising strategies.

JBoss Beta Takes Aim At Problem Web Applications

Yesterday JBoss released a beta version of Seam, an application framework for Java EE 5, a marriage of component models JSF and EJB 3.0, to address problematic non-linear or multi-window navigation.

Intel and Cisco Aim to Improve Wi-Fi and VOIP

At Intel’s Developer Forum in San Francisco, the company announced that it has entered a new partnership with Cisco, in which the companies will work to improve Wi-Fi security and roaming and VOIP support.

AOL AIM Upgrade Flawless?
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American Online (AOL) rolled a package deal on Thursday with the update to AIM 5.9, AIM.com and a new companion screen AIM Today. This launch was worldwide and it launched flawlessly or did it?

AOL AIMing For New Screens And New Younger Users

AOL announced on Wednesday the launch of AIM.com and redesigned AIM Today companion screen. AOL went for a change in the aesthetic of their instant messaging, allowing users to both communicate and look over headlines and such.

Clinton Takes Aim At Pediatric AIDS In Africa

Former US President Bill Clinton offered a light of hope to the impoverished and AIDS-stricken African kingdom of Lesotho by opening up a pediatric AIDS clinic at the Queen Elizabeth II hospital. Around 22,000 children are HIV positive in the tiny country with an HIV rate of around 30 percent.

AIM E-mail Worth A Million

AOL’s debut of free 2GB e-mail boxes for its AIM client users has grown to a million active accounts in five weeks.

Oil Prices Aim For $60: How High Can It Fly

Oil prices set record highs again yesterday, hitting $59.85 a barrel at one point. Traders seem poised to knock $60 a barrel down and leave it in the dust as contracts from the 4th quarter cracked $61. The big question many are asking is what price can the market actually support.

AOL Takes AIM At Free E-mail

The big Internet service provider will offer 2GB of e-mail storage to users of its AIM instant messaging service.

AIM Users Threatened By New Worm

Be on the lookout for Hey Check Out This instant messages appearing in your AIM client today.

AOL Goes Blogging

The online service provider opens up AOL Journals to users of its AIM instant messenger service.

Critiquing the Critiquing of Weblogs Inc Blogs

Jacob has an interesting critique on Weblogs Inc – taking a close look at the topic and posting frequency of some of their blogs.