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Madonna: Gays Doing Well; Time for Women

When Madonna recently gave an exclusive interview to Out! Magazine, she said something that has ignited a bit of controversy. While Madonna is very proud of her background and involvement in the gay community, she contrasts the advances in rights for gays and African-Americans with those of women. “Gay rights are way more advanced than women’s rights. People are a …

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Magic Johnson Offers His Expertise To Improve Diversity In Silicon Valley

The lack of diversity in Silicon Valley recently made headlines as statistics on their racial and gender make-up were revealed, showing a largely white and Asian workforce. Former basketball player turned businessman Magic Johnson is now offering his expertise to companies like Google and Apple in order to help them increase their employment of African-Americans and Hispanics. Johnson is an …

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Diabetes Awareness: Focus on Black Community

Diabetes is a serious problem for many Americans, but an especially serious one among the African-American community, where there is a much greater risk for the disease than any other, according to Market Wired. 26 million people in the U.S. are living with diabetes, 4.9 million of adult-aged sufferers are African American. During Black History Month, the American Diabetes Association …

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Paula Deen Gets Help From African-American Friends

Paula Deen has lost a lot of friends lately. One partner company after another has jumped ship as she fights an ongoing battle against charges of racism. Endorsement deals with diabetic medications went south. Huge retailers abandoned her. Book publishers scratched her upcoming projects, including a book that was the hottest pre-seller on Amazon. And the biggest blow of all …

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