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Ethan Couch’s Family Will Pay Out $2 Million To Paralyzed Victim

The family of Texas teenager Ethan Couch has agreed to pay $2 million to the family of the boy who was paralyzed during the drunk driving incident that happened in 2013. Ethan, who was 16 years old at the time of the accident, was driving a pickup truck when he crashed into pedestrians, killing 4 and injuring several others. Reports …

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Affluenza Teen: Family Foots Only Fraction Of Rehab

Many were outraged when Texas teen Ethan Couch – responsible for taking the lives of four people as he drove intoxicated in his family’s company truck – was only sentenced to ten years of counseling. Recent reports from court officials now have Texas taxpayers especially upset, as they learn they will be partially footing the bill. 17-year-old Couch’s parents will …

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“Affluenza” Teen Still Gets No Jail Time After Killing 4

On Wednesday, judge Jean Boyd ordered Ethan Couch to rehab in addition to his 10-year probation sentence. Couch is the 16-year-old Texan who killed four people and injured two with is father’s Ford F-350 pickup truck on June 15. The teenager had been driving drunk after being video taped stealing 2 cases of beer from a nearby Wal-Mart. At the time of …

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Affluenza Teen Sent To Rehab Facility

Affluenza is a term used to described someone who is affluent and has no boundaries or responsibilities. A teenager who killed 4 people and severely injured two others in a drunk driving accident has been considered by many to be a victim of affluenza, and the supposed disease may have affected his recent sentence. Ethan Couch was driving drunk with …

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Affluenza Teen Might Be A Jailbird, After All

You may have heard about this sixteen-year-old who killed four people in a terrible and bloody drunk driving accident; his claim to infamy is that he is not serving any jail time for his deplorable actions, all because he (supposedly) suffers from “affluenza.” If you’ve never heard of that, don’t worry, you’re not alone; it isn’t recognized by the American …

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Rich Kid DUI, Gets 10 Years Probation For 4 Deaths

According to TIME, a 16-year-old in Keller, Texas was convicted of manslaughter after driving drunk and crashing into another vehicle that resulted in the death of four people. Because the kid is rich and suffers from “affluenza”, he wounded up getting 10 years of probation and mandatory psychological treatment. A·fflu·en·za [aa-floo-en-zah] noun 1. In Layman’s terms: being so spoiled with …

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