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Affiliate Summit Las Vegas: Survival Guide

With the Affiliate Summit just days away, here’re a few pointers especially if it’s your first time to the summit:

  • Vegas Throat: Specific to Las Vegas, you will lose your voice very easily if you don’t take care of your throat. The dry desert air creates a lot of static electricity, it also dries out your throat and you’ll find yourself losing your voice at the end of day 1 or day 2 if you don’t drink enough liquids or take throat lozenges to give your throat a break.

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Affiliate Summit: Monetizing Communities

At the Affiliate Summit in Miami today Lee Dodd, President, Zydeca Partners and Jeremy Schoemaker (ShoeMoney), President, ShoeMoney Media Group spoke on how to monetize community and social networks during a panel discussion.

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Affiliate Summit: Web Analytics

“This looks good” and “that feels right” may be a good approach to arranging furniture, but for tracking affiliate programs, Bill Bruno recommends using something more precise: Web analytics tools.  Bruno, a Project Manager at Stratigent, discussed the issue at the Affiliate Summit conference.

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Affiliate Summit: Ze Frank Speaks

Snicker, laugh, chortle, chuckle gaffaw, hmm, wait, what’d he say? That seems to be the overall reaction to vlogger Ze Frank’s keynote address this morning at Affiliate Summit 2007 in Miami.

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Affiliate Summit: Ads And Liability

At the Affiliate Summit in Miami, Steve Richter, President, Media Breakaway and Pete Wellborn, founder, Wellborn and Wallace, Attorney at Law spoke on advertising regulations in a session called "What You Don’t Know May Hurt You."

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