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Using Paid SEO Tools instead of Free Ones

If you take a step back and look at it, the SEO industry is rather odd. SEO experts who are paid thousands of dollars by companies will also freely share tips, tricks, principles, pricing structures, and SEO advice.

Unique Meta Descriptions

Some time back we reported Google’s Advice: Use Meta description Tag. A Search Engine Watch Forums thread intricately expounds the importance of meta description.

Whenever for a site: command you see this

‘In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 1 already displayed. If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included’

PPC Advice – Good, Bad, or Very Bad?

Today, I took a few moments to take in a bit of the current online marketing blogscape. I eventually came across a post entitled "17 most common PPC mistakes web marketers make" by Igor Mor. It was posted on SEOMoz as part of their YOUMoz program where they "claim" posts from others they deem appropriate.

Internet Searches Valuable To Consumers

Marketers are becoming more willing to explore non-traditional advertising methods including word-of-mouth in order to capitalize on ROI. A new report from Bigresearch, “Simultaneous Media Study” examines the issue.

Increase Revenues by Telling Clients “No”

[The following is part of the continuing series of advice for marketing agencies. Andy Beal offers various business coaching services]

What Does Google Suggest?

Ionut queried Google Suggest for what kind of advice people are looking for. Here’s some more, all found via Google Suggest (which bases its data on popular Google searches):

Google’s Incomplete SEO Advice

If you do any research on SEO you’ll find this statement repeated more then any other – “make sites for users not for search engines.” It even appears in the the guidelines of the webmaster help center right on Google.com. It’s one of the core fundamentals in what’s considered “white hat” SEO or SEO that conforms to all of the search engine guidelines in the interests of improving the web.

Advice for Search Marketing Firms

Back in September, I posted the Top 10 Mistakes Search Marketing Firms Make.

Design, SEO, and Usability Laws?
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You read and hear it all the time. Somebody tells you to do something a certain way because it’s the only correct way.

Bad Advice That Sounds Good

Many professional lies are passed off as good information because they are just part of an industry vernacular or learning curve. For example, many people say make quality content, but never attempt to define what quality content is, or even how certain types of quality content are being marginalized by scrapers, social sites, user generated content, automated news sites, and search engines.

Nokia, FinNode Looking For Mobile Plans

It’s not anytime minutes and SMS they want, but they would like to find and reward the winner of a contest for the best business plan in the Web-2-Mobile Business Plan Competition.

You Can Google on Yahoo

In reacting to Google’s Do you “Google?” post, I think Ben Metcalfe speaks for a lot of people. In Google can go shove their lexicographical advice’ up their ass he says:

Obvious Corp. Buying Odeo

Evan Williams and other Odeo employees buying control of Odeo back from their VCs is definitely an interesting piece of news because it’s not that common, and it says something interesting about what some companies are experiencing right now.

Guidelines And Advice For New Media Sponsors

Roxanne, who does the Beach Walks videoblog, has a great set of guidelines for big companies who are sponsoring videos, podcasts, and other things online.

GooTube Looking More Likely

Apparently Google is ignoring my advice and has continued with their quest to purchase YouTube.

White Paper Gives Advice On Pay Per Click

Sayu has just released a white paper detailing “how PPC advertisers should optimise their landing pages to increase the profit of a PPC campaign and the return on investment of every click.” The company is based in England, so close readers shouldn’t be concerned that it spelled “optimize” with an “s.”

Offshore Investment Advice To Help Your Portfolio Grow
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Like so many others, I’m working hard to make my financial future as bright as possible. I save when ever possible, and invest smart when I have the money to do so.

Link Building Advice from the Best

Unless there’s any doubt, I am a linking fanatic. I appreciate links like they’re gold. When I talk about link building with our team, I can never stress enough the importance of linking for traffic and SEO.

Leaving a Job: Exit Interview Advice

Leaving a job is often a very difficult and traumatic period in a person’s life. In fact, many people are simply devestated by the loss of employment, regardless of the reason for the termination.

Cutts Less Kidnapped, More Video-y
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Google’s Matt Cutts continues his SEO video tutorials, which began over the weekend, adding six more short segments. Apparently the first three were a hit.

SEO advice: Hire the best

Inaccurate and unreliable search engine optimization (SEO) advice is available with alarming regularity, it seems. You can find it almost everywhere you look on the internet.