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Google Changes AdWords URL Policy

Google AdWordsGoogle is implementing a change in its URL policy for AdWords. Starting the week of February 24, all display URLs within an ad group must have the same top-level domain.

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Advertisers Gear Up For Super Bowl

It’s that time of year again when America unites around the TV, rejoices in capitalism, and stuffs itself silly with food it shouldn’t eat. Ah, the Super Bowl. Preparations are being made, and the Internet is a huge playing a huge part.

The Super Bowl’s a marketer’s dream because it’s one of the few times a year people welcome advertisers into their homes—so long as they’re entertaining. According to comScore, about a quarter of Super Bowl viewers say they prefer the ads to the game.

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Discovery Pushing

Discovery – owned is launching its first-ever marketing campaign in hopes of attracting more users and advertisers.

Discovery Communications purchased the U.S. branch of HowStuffWorks six months ago for $250 million. The marketing campaign includes 30-second spots on Discovery’s online properties along with its TV properties.

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Yahoo: Icahn’s Slate is Not the Right Answer

Yahoo’s annual shareholder meeting in August should be a fiery one. The company filed a presentation today imploring stockholders to support Yahoo’s Board of Director nominees. As has been the pattern for communication between Yahoo executives and Carl Icahn, the presentation is blunt and clear in how CEO Jerry Yang and company feel about Icahn’s proposals.

They might as well have written, "Tell Carl to eff off, will ya?"

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