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Nielsen Says Funny Trumps Sentimental Every Time

Despite less than ideal economic conditions, consumers are spending money like crazy and if you hope to capture some of that revenue than you have to advertise. One question you might ask is, “How can I invest the least and get the most?”. Nielsen, the television ratings people, wondered the same thing. While asking how to invest the least and …

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Marketeers to Spend $36 Billion for Online Ads this Year

Magnaglobal, a devision of IPG Megabrands, has released their forecast for ad expenditures for 2012 and they claim, non-traditional spending, in other words, online advertising, will increase by over 12% this year. That means marketeers and advertisers will be sinking about $36 billion into internet advertising alone. Vincent Letang, EVP and head of global forecasting at MagnaGlobal comments on the …

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