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Yaron Adler Out At IncrediMail

The CEO of the web-based email company has been replaced by his brother, chief product officer and co-founder Ofer Adler, a few weeks after the company ran afoul of Google’s AdSense policies.

AdSense Earnings Down?
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There’s word around the Webmaster World forum that publishers have been experiencing a sharp decline in AdSense earnings over the past month. There’s been little consensus, lots of possible explanations, but nothing you might call conclusive.

Ad Blindness Is Nothing New … and it’s No Surprise Google Is Seeing It!
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Google’s stock is down because its rate of growth is down according to Google’s latest quarterly financial report. Google still had a 30 percent increase in payments from clicking ads, but that was substantially down from the 45 percent increase they had a year earlier.

Rumor: Google Ending AdSense For Domain Tasting
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The big bucks involved with slapping AdSense on domains during their free five-day grace period may dry up completely if Google takes action on the subject.

Google Goes Back Over Adsense Referral Program

Two weeks ago, Google announced some changes to their AdSense Referral Program.

Google Modifies AdSense Referral Changes

Feedback to Google’s proposed alterations to the AdSense referral program resulted in some modifications being made.

Google Introduces Slideshows for Adwords

It would appear that Google has introduced a new feature in its Adwords process.

If you check the image below, you will see outlined in red a small Previous and Next pair of buttons at the bottom left on the Adsense ads that were shown this evening.


How to Make Money off of Accidental Rankings

Since Google largely tends to favor ranking informational websites over commercial websites, some authoritative blogs tend to rank for valuable queries based on posts they make in passing.

Even if you had no intent to monetize a post, it just became easier to monetize accidental rankings. If you use analytics to track your stats and notice that you start ranking for some good keywords you can use Triggit to embed links to merchant products directly in the text of your blog post.

Glossary For Those Confused by AdSense terms
If you’ve found yourself confused with most of Google AdSense’s babble, gabble and twaddle, then try AdSense Glossary launched by Google.

It is comprehensive and covers everything from Earnings & Payments to technical terms and Account Settings.

Proximic Seals Deal With Yahoo, Shopping.com

Although you may not have heard of it, Proximic has made some friends.  Also, regardless of Proximic’s status, you’ll definitely recognize its new pals: Yahoo’s Shopping Network and eBay’s Shopping.com.

Google Dumps IncrediMail, Stock Drops
Once IncrediMail disclosed that it got a notice from Google Inc. about the latter’s decision to end the advertising service relationship with the former, all hell broke lose.

Incredimail’s shares plummeted by 45 percentage points hitting this year’s lowest figure of $2.50. IncrediMail, specializes in producing customized e-mail solutions.

Google Shuts Off IncrediMail’s AdSense
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Israel-based IncrediMail saw a big chunk of their revenue go away when Google suddenly ended their existing AdSense and search ad relationship with the web-based email firm.

AdSense Referrals Ends Bonuses

Google will shift the payment plan for referrals to AdSense back to its original pricing structure, while ending the program in some parts of the world.

Yahoo’s Key To Kill AdSense

The still in testing Yahoo Publisher Network has been touted as a potential disruptive force, once it opens to more publishers.

Ten Great Tips for Working with AdSense

Google just released a Newbie Central for their AdSense program, those ads webmasters can include on their site to earn money for every click on the ad from a visitor (if you’re using the program, part of the advertiser budget will go to you, and the other part to Google).

 I wanted to add some tips from my own experience:

AdSense Offers Help At Newbie Central

Growing its AdSense userbase will help Google maintain its edge against rival advertising server networks, and the company wants to make it as easy as possible for people to sign up for an account.

A Glance At AdSense’s 2007

As acquaintances go, Google AdSense isn’t a particularly "auld" one – most people are likely to have more aged underwear.  Still, the Inside AdSense blog has taken a moment to remember the technology’s past year, and it was, by all appearances, a rather busy one.

Uh Oh Google, HyperPhrase Is Back

Google may have thought they saw the last of HyperPhrase Technologies and their patent infringement suit over AdSense and AutoLink. That would be wrong.

Google Develops Ad Review Center
The Google AdSense Blog reports:  “In an effort to provide you with more transparency and control over the ads appearing on your pages, we’ve developed the Ad Review Center.

Web Marketing News Quickies

Google’s made some tweaks to AdSense recently, and to Google Analytics. Meanwhile, SEOers are developing better ways to track links.

Scroll Feature for AdSense
Keith Chan reports that Google seems to be trying out a scroll feature for Google AdSense advertisements in its Hong Kong version.

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