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FeedBurner Starting To Fly Google’s Flag

Almost 11 months ago, Google announced its acquisition of FeedBurner.  Now, FeedBurner finally seems ready to make some aesthetic changes and more serious overhauls.

Google Patent App. Pursues Behavioral Targeting
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Since not every single one gets clicked on, Google’s ads might be considered less than perfect.  A new patent application would make behavioral targeting a central part of improving them.

Ecocho Must ‘Leaf’ Out AdSense

A custom search engine that offered to plant trees in exchange for searches ended up banned from Google’s AdSense program.

Google Pays More, And Less, To Partners
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Members of Google’s AdSense content network, as well as certain other third-parties that drive revenue through Google’s ads, got more money in Q1 2008.

AdSense 60 To 70 Percent Better For Yahoo
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That limited two-week trial of AdSense for Search showing up in some Yahoo search results could be painful for Yahoo to see.

Yahoo Testing AdSense for Search

In an announcement made just moments ago, Yahoo has formally decided to try a limited test of Google’s AdSense for Search program in their search results. From the release:

The test will apply only to traffic from yahoo.com in the U.S. and will not include Yahoo!’s extended network of affiliate or premium publisher partners. The test is expected to last up to two weeks and will be limited to no more than 3% of Yahoo! search queries.

Google AdSense Delivered Courtesy Of Yahoo
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Yahoo sought another way to stave off a Microsoft acquisition in opening a two-week deal with search advertising giant Google to deliver its AdSense for Search advertising.

Google Ads Gain Scroll Buttons

When the average person sees an advertisement, what do they most want to do?  Well, "see more ads" isn’t a common answer, but new "next" and "previous" buttons created by Google make some sense.

Getting Ranked In Google News
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The Google News Team has an interesting blog post about the "truths and myths" of how Google includes and ranks articles.

Some of the facts that stand out include "Having an image next to your article improves your ranking MYTH. While having a good image with your article does improve your chance to get your picture shown, it has no impact on the ranking of the article itself."

Watch Where You Put That Ad
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Google may be taking a closer look at AdSense placements dropped onto blogs created through its Blogger service.

Will It Blend? Google Says No
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The line between a guideline and suggestion is a fuzzy one, but webmasters seem to agree a Google guideline is more of a stern warning. The most recent guidelines popped up on the InsideAdSense blog, instructing publishers not to blend ads with content.

Google Ad Review Center Expands

If the Ad Review Center hasn’t been enabled on your AdSense account, you can either consider this article a preview or completely irrelevant – read on or click back as you please.  But the Center’s availability has been expanded, and Google wants publishers to know what it’s all about.

Google AdSense Site Suffers Outage
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Saying that Google AdSense is popular would be something of an understatement.  So, when the program’s site became inaccessible on Saturday, people became understandably unhappy.

Clicks Down, Revenue Up On Google

LeeAnn Prescott, EfficientFrontier’s director of research and communications and WebProNews’s favorite statistician, concurs with comScore’s recent bombshell that the number of paid clicks on Google were down in January. Wall Street’s pummeling of Google’s stock, however, was "an unnecessarily strong reaction."

CPC Is Flat, But People Are Still Shopping

Speculation as to why Google’s paid clicks have flattened in January has led to further speculation that a recession has caused consumers to do less search-initiated shopping. Hitwise’s Bill Tancer has information that suggests otherwise.

(It occurs to me also that investors have been spoiled by Google’s constant growth, as even when Google grows there is disappointment that there wasn’t more growth. And flat returns now might as well be declines. Regardless, I suppose market corrections are inevitable. It just sucks if you bought in at $747 per share.)

Google AdSense For Video Hits Beta
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This time, Google’s beta tag means something – to become a user, publishers will need to have English-language, U.S.-based sites, and serve at least one million video streams per month.  But, beta tag or not, AdSense for video has officially arrived.

YuMe Serving Google AdSense For Video Ads

Online video ad network YuMe has a deal in place to overlay display ads in the Google AdSense for video beta program.

8 Theories For AdSense Fluctuations
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Recently, many web-publishers reported drastic drops in their Google AdSense earnings and offered up many theories as to why that occurred. The problem was reported in web forums, on popular SEO blogs, and in the comments section of the last WebProNews article on the subject. After all that, we’ve narrowed it down to 8 possible explanations.

Yaron Adler Out At IncrediMail

The CEO of the web-based email company has been replaced by his brother, chief product officer and co-founder Ofer Adler, a few weeks after the company ran afoul of Google’s AdSense policies.

AdSense Earnings Down?
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There’s word around the Webmaster World forum that publishers have been experiencing a sharp decline in AdSense earnings over the past month. There’s been little consensus, lots of possible explanations, but nothing you might call conclusive.

Ad Blindness Is Nothing New … and it’s No Surprise Google Is Seeing It!
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Google’s stock is down because its rate of growth is down according to Google’s latest quarterly financial report. Google still had a 30 percent increase in payments from clicking ads, but that was substantially down from the 45 percent increase they had a year earlier.