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Google Announces AdSense For Mobile Applications Beta
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In many ways, Google is the company that AdSense built.  It makes sense for Google to extend the advertising solution into new markets, then, and the company’s doing exactly that with its fresh AdSense for Mobile Applications beta.

Google Makes AdSense Cash More Accessible In Seven Countries
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Leave it to Google to not forget about the little guys.  By introducing the Western Union Quick Cash payment option in seven countries, the search giant is trying to make it easier for people in more rural settings to receive AdSense payments. 

5 AdSense Videos You Should Watch
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All AdSense publishers should keep up with Google’s official AdSense Channel on YouTube, as well as the Inside AdSense Blog (also official). There are helpful tips and other useful information posted to both periodically.

As I noticed that the Inside AdSense crew just posted a webinar to the YouTube channel, I thought it might be prudent to point out that they have posted a few other useful videos over the past couple months.

1. AdSense Channels and Reporting Webinar

Google Adds Image Ads to AdSense Link Units
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Google has added an image ad to the bottom of the page users see after clicking a link unit topic in AdSense. The company says testing has shown that this leads to improved revenues for many AdSense publishers.

Looking at the State of Google
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Google held its annual stockholders’ meeting yesterday evening and to accompany that Co-founder Sergey Brin decided to re-share the 2008 Founders’ Letter, which was originally published on Google’s Investor Relations site. Brin says they wanted to make this more widely available so they posted it on the Official Google Blog.

New Google Tool Benefits Both AdWords and AdSense Users
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Google has launched the Google Ad Planner Publisher Center. This is a new feature of the Google Ad Planner that is designed to improve the quality and accuracy of site data.

Google Links AdSense Accounts with Google Analytics
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Google is now offering wide availability of Google Analytics and AdSense integration. AdSense publishers who wish to make their site more profitable are going to want to link their AdSense accounts with a Google Analytics account.

To do so, you simply need to log in to AdSense, click the link that says "Integrate your AdSense account with Google Analytics" on the Reports > Overview tab, and follow the on-screen instructions as illustrated in this clip:

Google Clarifies AdSense Misconceptions

Google has begun serving AdSense Ads via DoubleClick URLs instead of the pageads.googlesyndication.com URLs that users have grown accustomed to. Arlene Lee of the Inside AdSense Team explains:

Getting More Income Out Of Your Existing Site
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I probably don’t have to tell you that people are looking for ways to make extra income in this economy. Luckily there are ways you can get extra revenue out of sites you already have.

A Google spokesperson tells WebProNews that the company is seeing more and more people doing just that. "We’ve also been seeing regular people capitalizing on changes in consumer behavior (ie, more people searching for recipe sites and therefore stay at home mom’s creating recipe blogs as a result)," he says.

Google Announces Notification Preferences for AdSense
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Google has announced that it’s rolling out new email notification preferences for AdSense account holders. They will become available over the next few days.

Basically, users will have the option to receive specific messages like event invitations, info about webinars, and personalized account suggestions from Google.

AdSense Video Units Get The Axe
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Here’s a bit of bad news for anyone using AdSense video units: there simply aren’t enough of you, and as a result, Google plans to stop pursuing the monetization option.  The company’s left individuals about one month to land on another strategy. 

AdSense Team Gets Twitter Account
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Any people still arguing that Twitter isn’t useful may want to reconsider their position.  Thanks to a new development, AdSense publishers should be able stay up-to-date on all of the latest info pertaining to the service.

Google to Serve Ads Based on Browsing History
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Google Ads Getting More TargetedGoogle has announced the launch of "Interest-based" advertising as a beta test for the company’s partner sites and on YouTube. In other words, Google will be serving ads based on sites users visit.

Self-Proclaimed “Facebook Era” Founder Wins Google Suit
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Aaron GreenspanAaron Greenspan, a man known mostly for his legal issues with Facebook, recently sued Google when his account was shut down and payment of $721 he was due from pubslishing Google Ads was halted. One day Greenspan received an email from Google saying:

Make Your Google AdSense Ads Expandable
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Google has introduced expandable ads on the Google Content Network. This means advertisers can create more complex and interactive AdSense Ads.

"Expandable ads are rich media ads that can expand beyond the original size of the ad unit, following a user-initiated action," explains

AdSense Reports In Euros Now Available
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Suppose that, just in order to get an idea of how much money you’re making, you had to look up an ever-changing conversion rate and multiply a pair of numbers on a daily basis.  Well, overseas AdSense publishers have been doing this for some time, but thanks to a new move on Google’s part, the process is getting much simpler.

How to Notify Google About Content Theft
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Google AdSenseIf you’re a blogger who has been at it for a while, you’ve probably run across other blogs stealing your content at one point or another. These are commonly referred to as scrapers, and will often use your content to post Google AdSense ads and make money off your work.

Q&A With Founder of Q&A Search Engine SnappyFingers
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SnappyFingers is a Question/Answer search engine that has been on the web since last July. It is currently still in beta. I had a chat with Chirayu Patel, the founder of SnappyFingers to find out a little more about it.

Google Introduces AdSense for Mobile Search
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Today Google announced AdSense for mobile search, not to be confused with AdSense for mobile content, which the company released back in 2007. AdSense for mobile search is a way for mobile network operators and mobile website owners to embed a Google search box on their mobile portals and web sites.

Can Your Business Benefit By Letting Users Hide Ads?
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Contrary to what advertisers might like to believe, not everyone wants to see their ads. This is why televsion advertisers don’t like TiVo. Advertising is how a lot of online businesses make their bread and butter though, and without ads, they simply could not generate enough revenue to stay alive. At least one online business believes that allowing users to turn off ads might actually be in its best interest.

Darren Rowse Shares AdSense Advice
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Darren Rowse is a blogger best known for his work on ProBlogger.net and Digital Photography School.  To say that he’s successful would be an understatement – revenue from ads paid his mortgage – and today, Rowse shared some tips for making money with AdSense.