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Adsense Should Allow Filtering by Keyword

EGOL recently made a post on the SEOmoz blog about one of the major shortcomings of Adsense: the lack of a feature to set negative keywords for the contextual ad matching.

No Images Next to Adsense Ads

I must admit, I’ve been tempted to experiment with adding images next to Google AdSense ads.

AdSense Nixes Pics

A brief post on the Google AdSense blog today “clarified” the ad and image placement policy; basically, it’s best to keep unrelated Google ad units and images far, far apart.

Double Your CPC by Checking Blog Post Keywords

Here’s a tip for all the bloggers out there trying to monetize their blogs with Adsense:

An AdSense Alternative for Bloggers

BlogKits.com has launched with a service that appears to be similar to John Battelle’s FM Publishing, except it focuses on the smaller blog site.

Google’s Not Stopping Click Arbitrage

Who would have though click arbitrage would be a topic worth of being covered by Forbes?

Do Ugly Sites Sell More?

I came across The Surprising Truth About Ugly Websites, an article pointing out the benefits of having an ugly website. Can it be true that ugly websites sell more than their attractive counterparts? I don’t think so.

DailyMotion Causing Copyright Commotion
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We have all heard about the YouTube and Google saga concerning copyrighted material. To their credit they seem to be doing what they can to prevent infringement. That does not seem to be the case with a Paris based video sharing site called DailyMotion.com.

AdSense Has A Yahoo Killing Secret

Google has been quietly inviting some websites to participate in a Display Advertising Network, which will place some very profitable CPM ads from Fortune 1000 companies on a publisher’s site.

Next Time, Fly With SeatGuru

The website has seating diagrams for planes used by the major airlines, and a community that has ranked some of those seats.

Google AdSense Gets Ad Placements

A new feature is coming to AdSense, and it’s called “ad placements.” Only a handful of advertisers have been allowed to take a look at the service – it appears to be in a beta testing phase – but the potential market seems excited.

Authorities, Language, And Relational Databases

Why does Google sponsor spam and tell people to blend their AdSense ads, but try to control other link sales?

PubCon: Contextual Advertising Optimization

Representatives from Yahoo and Google both presented their respective strategies for contextual advertising as part of today’s PubCon lineup. WebProNews was on the scene, and here’s a rundown of the session.

AdSense Now Offers Site Target Options

Jennifer Slegg informs us that Google has added new custom targeting channels for AdSense publishers. The new option allows AdSense users to label different ad units on their site, and allows AdWords advertisers to see this units and select them for their ads.

Google Adsense Banning Users With Google Domain

Ionut Chitu, one of the most proficient bloggers out there, just got banned from Adsense because he uses the word Google in his blog’s domain name: googlesystem.blogspot.com.

Turn.com Challenging Googles AdSense

A new ad network called Turn has launched, and it’s hoping to bring some sophisticated technology to the contextual advertising space.

Google Just Now Owns AdSense.com

Three years after Google launched its AdSense service, the company finally owns the AdSense.com domain. Previously, the domain was owned by AdSense Consulting, who bought the domain in 1996.

Your First Ad Unit Is The Most Profitable

The Adsense team just confirmed what we professionals already knew for more then a year now. The first ad unit (HTML source order) will always provide the highest earning ads.

Give Your Feedback on Analytics and Adsense

Jeff Gillis just posted the feedback request in the Analytics Blog.

Google To Restructure, Add AdSense For Audio

It’s funny how a whisper can sometimes push a hurricane; expect one to swirl up by Monday. The rumor, as was whispered into the ear of a DM News reporter, is that Google is about to undergo a major corporate restructuring just as they prepare to release AdSense for Audio.

Findory Dumps Google Ads For Amazon

Findory, the personalization startup that remains my favorite news source, has switched its ad system from Google AdSense to Amazon Associates.