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AdSense Goes to the Movies

Have you have seen Google’s Gmail theater videos? They’re short instructional videos using characters/puppets made out of office supplies extolling the virtues and features of Gmail. They’re whimsical and fun… you know, typical Google. Now they’re showing up in AdSense spots.

Banned from AdSense

Apparently Google thinks I’ve been clicking my own ads. They not only banned the account in question but also banned a second one in my name that actually belongs to a company I work for.

Spooked By Upstart, Google Spills The Beans

Google is set to allow advertisers to bid on where (which websites) their ads appear. The change appears to be in direct response to a New York upstart that’s been siphoning a bit of the online ad business.

Google Syndicating Video Through AdSense

Google is bringing video to AdSense, and they’re doing it right now. Though there were sightings of the new contextual video ads, real buzz didn’t develop until the New York Times confirmed Dow Jones, Conde Nast and Sony BMG were in on it.

South Korean FTC Unimpressed With Google

Even though Google has been drawing more Korean users to its search and Gmail services, the company still has work to do to make the local government happy with its AdSense practices.

Google Acquiring Video Game Ad Company

Google has agreed to acquire Adscape, a company that puts ads inside of video games, for $23 million. Google had missed out on Massive, a company Microsoft picked up for $200-400 million about a year ago, and is going to have to settle for the much smaller Adscape, which it will have to build into a bigger player. Judging by Google’s great success with dMarc, I’d assume nothing at this point.

How I Increased Adsense Earnings by 50%
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I’m not a huge Adsense earner, but at the beginning of this month I decided to more aggressively try to increase my revenues.

I’ve now seen a 50+% increase in my Adsense earnings since I began.

What does that mean in real terms? It means my earnings would now comfortably pay off the monthly mortgage repayments on a detached 4-bedroom house in the UK.

Google To Reveal Quality Scores

Ever since Google first announced that it would implement quality score into its methodology for calculating bid prices for keywords, an air of mystery has surrounded the process and has left many participants in the search company’s AdSense network scratching their collective heads in frustration.

11 Quick and Dirty Ways to Increase Conversions
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Increasing conversion rate can be a daunting task that requires a delicate touch and some expertise, not to mention some trial and error. Don’t be afraid to fail at it – just remember to keep trying until you succeed.

Shoemoney Interviews Google AdSense’s Brian Axe

On Jeremy’s show tonight over at WebmasterRadio.FM, “Net Income”, he and Andrea interview Brian Axe, AdSense Product Manager.

Google AdSense Ad Placement Channels

AdSense has a new feature that allows you to define ad placement channels for Google’s site targeting feature.

AdSense Gains Ad Placement, Other Features

Google AdSense appears to be eyeing a few new features, and – if you’re lucky – you may be able to take a look at them, too. An “Ad Placement” tab has become available to all users, while “My Publishers” and “Message Inbox” are still in a limited release phase of testing.

Google Running More Music Video Adsense Ads

Google has announced a second limited test run of its music video/AdSense program, distributing videos from Sony BMG and Warner Music that contain ads.

AdSense Soon To See More Video

Content from Sony BMG and Warner Music Group will receive a dose of video advertising from Google and made available for publishers in the AdSense Network.

Does Adsense Hate Bloggers and Publishers?

The headline may sound a little harsh, but based on their recent Adsense policy updates as noted by Jensense, it’s the conclusion that has to be made.

AdSense Changes To Thwart Competitors

Google now says that sites displaying AdSense or Google search boxes may not display other ads or services using the same layouts and colors as the Google products. That applies to all ads an AdSense member might have displayed anywhere on his website.

Adsense and Blogs
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I love it when the blogosphere gets worked up and makes generalizations from one piece of data.

Google Beta-Testing Keyword-based Ad Filtering

About a week and a half ago, I wrote a post ‘Adsense Should Allow Contextual Ad Filtering by Keyword’.

Adsense Should Allow Filtering by Keyword

EGOL recently made a post on the SEOmoz blog about one of the major shortcomings of Adsense: the lack of a feature to set negative keywords for the contextual ad matching.

No Images Next to Adsense Ads

I must admit, I’ve been tempted to experiment with adding images next to Google AdSense ads.

AdSense Nixes Pics

A brief post on the Google AdSense blog today “clarified” the ad and image placement policy; basically, it’s best to keep unrelated Google ad units and images far, far apart.