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AdSense Losing “Advertise on this Site”
Google will drop the "Advertise on this site" link feature displayed next to AdSense ads. With the help of this link, AdWords advertisers were able to directly target a specific site.

Google AdSense Now Available In Thai

Google and Thailand haven’t always had the best relationship – a certain now-you’re-banned-and-now-you’re-not episode with YouTube was, at best, odd.  But the search giant’s setting those problems aside in pursuit of growth, and is offering AdSense for search in Thai.

Googler Moves On To Meetup

Google’s doing amazingly well, so any sort of “abandoning a burning ship” metaphor is way off base.  Still, a lot of employees are leaving the search giant, and the latest to do so is a man named Dominic Preuss.

AdSense Publishers Hurt By Currency Problems

One of the nice things about not having much money is not having to worry about what might happen to it.  Sliding stock markets, a poor exchange rate – who cares?  Unless, of course, you have something tied up in investments, or are an AdSense publisher who doesn’t live in America.

 AdSense Publishers Hurt By Currency Problems
AdSense Video in UK, Ireland, Canada

As soon as news reached that AOL released Video Ticker there also was an announcement that Google will be introducing AdSense Video Units to Canada, the UK & Ireland.


Important AdSense Guy Leaves Google

Gokul Rajaram’s name may not among those most commonly associated with Google, but as a key figure in AdSense’s development, he was a pretty important person within the company.  Emphasis on “was”; although Rajaram’s past accomplishments will continue to stand, he’s left Google.

Live.com Plays Referrer Stats Games

While it is common, nowadays, to whine how Google shouldn’t tell people how to make money with their websites (like selling links), this time Microsoft has done the same.

Lately, it’s been noticed that Live.com spams the referrer logs of the websites, claiming that it is only about quality check.

Clickable AdSense Area Redefined

Similar to what Google has been doing with ads in search results, they also now restricted the clickable area in AdSense (the kind of Google ads webmasters can include on their pages).

Instead of allowing a click to be triggered in a broad rectangle around the text – which used to include whitespace in that area – you must now click specifically on the underlined title or the colorized URL below the snippet.

Google Centralizing AdSense Management

Instead of generating and copy/pasting new code with each color or channel change for an ad unit, the AdSense team has rolled out a better way to do this.

With “Google” In Your URL, No AdSense For You!
"AdSense Disallowed On URLs Containing ‘Google’". This was said by Google itself. A Google Blogoscoped account shows an AdSense ban of a portion of an active site.

AdSense Disallowed On URLs Containing “Google”

Google informed me that they banned showing AdSense from my account on Google.blogoscoped.cn (a site which I don’t run, but they are nice enough to rotate my AdSense code every couple of times as they’re translating posts from here).

Pay Per Click Party Over?
· 86

First the good news. Pay per click, as it has been perfected by Google, is unarguably the Web’s highest business achievement to date. Google has become an international corporate icon worth more than some of the most famous name brands of our generation like Disney, McDonalds and Hertz.

New Google Webmaster’s Guidelines
I just found another Google webmaster guideline worth sharing…

Google Patent Moves It Closer To GoogleNet
· 2

A mobile datacenter patent has been issued to Google based on its December 2003 filing, giving the company a technology similar to that of Sun’s Project Blackbox.

Google Video Units – Genius or Desperation?

As described at Google’s AdSense blog and in this New York Times story, Google is rolling out ad-supported video to all members of the search engine’s AdSense program — something the company launched as a limited beta trial back in May.

YouTube Videos Premiere On AdSense

Google added another revenue opportunity for AdSense publishers, with the debut of video units and their connected relevant advertising.

Google, DoubleClick On Defense Against Senators
· 1

The main defense put forth by Google and supporters of its proposed acquisition of DoubleClick holds that the two companies do business differently when it comes to advertising.

Google AdSense For Search Learns Vietnamese
· 2

Various estimates put Vietnam’s population at around 85 million.  And with a new Vietnamese version, Google’s doing its best to make sure all of those people are able to use Google AdSense for search.

Google AdSense For Mobile Arrives
· 3

There’s no such thing as a portable La-Z-Boy, but there are comfortable camping chairs.  And although a 42-inch LCD might be ideal, pocket-sized video devices are also popular.  Now, with the formal launch of AdSense for Mobile, Google seems to be getting into the transportability trend.

Google AdSense Referrals Hiding From Publishers

Using the wrong ad format could be the culprit as members of Google’s AdSense content network have experienced problems in getting referral 2.0 ads to appear.

AdSense Blog Reveals Odd Banking Policy
· 9

An otherwise mild write-up of how Google sends checks to AdSense publishers for their earnings has a strange twist that hints at a relationship with Citibank that defies common banking practices.

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