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Microsoft Elbows Google Aside For EA Deal

Microsoft’s purchase of Massive, an in-game advertising company, and some executive-swapping, enabled it to beat Google and other competitors for the EA contract.

Google Patents Profiling of Online Gamers
In March Google acquired the in-game advertising technology firm Adscape Media. Though some have their doubts, advertising within video games is seen as an effective way to reach the coveted demographic of men 18-34. According to Google:

In Game Advertising: Google Acquires Adscape
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Continuing it’s efforts toward exerting advertising dominance within the Web 2.0 sphere, Google has announced the acquisition of Adscape, a small San Francisco based advertising firm that specializes in developing integrated in-game advertising for an assortment of clients.

Google Acquiring Video Game Ad Company

Google has agreed to acquire Adscape, a company that puts ads inside of video games, for $23 million. Google had missed out on Massive, a company Microsoft picked up for $200-400 million about a year ago, and is going to have to settle for the much smaller Adscape, which it will have to build into a bigger player. Judging by Google’s great success with dMarc, I’d assume nothing at this point.

Google Buys Video Game Ad Firm

Red Herring is reporting Google has acquired video game advertising firm, Adscape Media for $23 million. It’s unclear at this stage whether this is a just a move to buy a "few potentially interesting patents" or Google’s entry into in-game advertising.

Google’s Got Game. Advertising, That Is

A long rumored deal has finally been hashed out between Google and in-game advertising technology firm Adscape Media, with Google giving up $23 million for the company.

Google May Code In-Game Advertising

Google has digital initiatives rumored for a couple of areas. In-game advertising delivered through a potential acquisition of Adscape Media may place Google ads in online games, while the search advertising company’s initiative to bring e-books to the masses could find allies among the biggest global publishers.