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Adele Baby Fine: New Mom Has To Pay Up
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Adele, who had her baby boy in October, apparently never got around to registering the birth through the proper channels, and now she owes a hefty fine. In the U.K., births must be registered within 42 days; it has now …

Adele, Baby Victims Of Cruelty On Twitter
· 18

After months of anticipation, Adele has finally had her baby, a healthy boy. It was assumed that her millions of fans would be overjoyed at the news, and many were; however, in these days of the internet, everyone can have …

Adele: Baby Takes Backseat To James Bond
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Adele’s baby is on the minds of seemingly everyone lately, mostly because she’s been pretty tight-lipped about her due date (and didn’t even announce she was pregnant until she was several months along). The mama-to-be has been seen out and …