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Opera Release Browser Update, Addresses Phishing

Alternate browser developer Opera introduced an updated beta version browser of their next browser on Friday.

Cisco Addresses Broader Set of Market Segments

Cisco Systems is acquiring WLAN provider, Airespace in order to expand its own WLAN portfolio.

New MyDoom Variant Pulls Addresses From Yahoo

A new MyDoom worm variant, called MyDoom.p, is using a copy-cat approach to acquiring peoples email addresses from Yahoo.

Validating Email Addresses – Strategies and Code

First it’s a day, then a week, and all of a sudden two weeks has gone by and I realize that I haven’t sent out a newsletter! A feeling of shame and self-loathing takes over … forced to my desk, the writing begins. :)

Eight Tips For Gathering E-mail Addresses

Use these tips for collecting customers’ and prospects’ e-mail addresses — and don’t forget to ask for permission before sending information!

‘Wacky’ email addresses deter HR managers

Job-hunting with a less than serious email address can backfire as HR managers may not take the applicant seriously, according to a recent report

Microsoft Exec Addresses Certification Topics

Instead of a ticket on the gravy train, Microsoft certification has become more of a step up the corporate ladder.


Sendmail can be a little scary. If the 1,000+ page O’Reilly reference doesn’t give you pause, the cryptic configuration files probably will. But actually, if you can put up with a little pain to get by the basics, Sendmail really isn’t all that difficult. It is complicated, but a few “rules of the road” will allow you to understand it.

Spam-Proofing Your Website and Doing Away With Unwanted Spiders

Almost every website operator wants search engine spiders to visit. After all, search engines are the best source of free traffic on the web. In the event that you don’t want them to visit, they are easily kept at bay with a properly formatted “robots.txt” file.