Internet Neighborhood Has Grown Dramatically

Internet Neighborhood Has Grown Dramatically

By WebProNews Staff October 10, 2007

Over 2.7 billion addresses have been charted by researchers performing the first Internet census since 1982.

Google Goes To D.C., Addresses Immigration

When a homeless person says something, not many people listen.  When your average middle-class person speaks, he (or she) might, at best, be able to get on the local news.  But when Google talks, nothing short of Congress itself is ready to pay attention, and that was the case as Laszlo Bock laid out his company’s case for more H-1B visas.

ASP.NET – Block IP Addresses from Your Site

Recently, one of my readers asked me how to block certain IP addresses from accessing his ASP.NET website.

Cloaking Is Bad… Unless It’s Good

The concept of page cloaking has come under fire; again, because the idea is being used by a number of legitimate sites in order to protect or hide their content from users and/or search engine bots. The fact that these sites do not get punished for using cloaking techniques has become a sore spot with some bloggers.

EC Addresses Web Accessibility

34 European countries have agreed upon an “Internet for all” plan of action that is intended to make sure the nations’ most disadvantaged groups have Web access. The European Commission (EC) created the agreement.

Habeas Creates Sender Reputation Lists

Habeas Inc. announced the creation of SenderIndex, an email reputation database of over 60 million IP addresses and domains, designed to help authenticate email senders. And it’s free, too.

Cisco CCNP / BCMSN Exam Tutorial: Multicasting And Reserved Addresses

Ever since you picked up your first CCNA book, youve heard about multicasting, gotten a fair idea of what it is, and youve memorized a couple of reserved multicasting addresses.

A Guide To IPv6 Address Types

Learning IPv6 is paramount in your efforts to pass the BSCI exam and go on to earn your CCNP, and its going to help in your real-world networking career as well.

AdWords Addresses Click Fraud Questions

Google’s Shuman Ghosemajumder, Business Product Manager for Trust & Safety, provided answers for some common questions about click fraud after Google disclosed it was nearing a settlement in a lawsuit filed against it over the problem.

Wikipedia Bans Congressional Access

Wikipedia has blocked certain US Congressional IP addresses over allegations that certain staffers repeatedly ignored community policy and edited out certain passages of articles they object to.

Yahoo Addresses Blogstorm

Over on the YSearchBlog Yahoo has officially addressed yesterday’s intense discussion over Susan Decker’s now infamous quotes.

Reuters Addresses Affiliate Issues…Sort Of

Reuters wants to find affiliates willing to place its news video player on their sites, but haven’t really touched on the issue of compensating those affiliates.

Google Toolbar AutoLinks Addresses To Maps

A new feature in the Google Toolbar takes a street address and converts it to a link to an online map.

Danny Sullivan Addresses Google Sitemap Ping Concerns
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Since the launch of Google Sitemaps, search engine gurus far and wide have weighed in with their thoughts about Google’s “inclusion” program.

Schwarzenegger Podcasts

Podcasting knows no boundaries as a communication channel. It was just a matter of time before high-profile and internationaly-known politicians embraced this medium.

How DO Spammers Get Your Email Address?

As much as I try to stem the seemingly endless flow of spam, the crap just keeps arriving my Inbox.

Microsoft Addresses Enterprise Chat

Yesterday, during a web conference broadcast from San Francisco, Microsoft introduced new products aimed at improving enterprise-level chat.