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Review: Porn Addiction Isn’t a Real Thing

The internet has laid human sexuality bare, putting it on display for anyone who cares to type a few letters into a search engine. However the wealth of stimulation available online is certainly more than humans have evolved to deal with, leading some people to value porn more than real intimacy. Good news, then, that these same people are not …

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Philip Seymour Hoffman And The Reality Of Addiction

Philip Seymour Hoffman will be remembered as a talented actor who was loved as respected for his craft, and who will leave behind devastated family and friends. The 46-year old actor was found yesterday in his Manhattan apartment, and it is now being reported that he died of a drug overdose. Law enforcement sources claim that he was found on …

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A Future Of Video Game Addicts

We’re going back to the future with this piece because, as was commonly predicted in the 1980s when the first NES system wrapped its tendril-like remote control wires around the lives of many a youth, at least one group is anticipating that gaming will be the next major addiction. Norcas, a charity organization that provides assistance with drug and substance …

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