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AdCenter Not Ready For Firefox

While Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer touted the US arrival of his company’s Google AdWords killer, potential customers who use the Firefox browser found their attempts to join AdCenter were being killed by a lack of cross-browser compatibility.

A Seismic Shift To Content Centric Marketing

Microsoft’s announcement that they are moving from a software company to a media company speaks volumes about the impact of Web 2.0 on business.

Microsoft adCenter Debuts In The US

All of Microsoft’s online properties will carry paid search traffic delivered by adCenter, which has been in testing in France and Singapore, and is now setting its sights directly on the United States.

Why Microsoft Changed MSN adCenter’s Name

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, will today announce the official launch of adCenter.

Claria Ditching Adware When AdCenter Debuts

News of Claria’s move could build on reports of a Microsoft trademark application for a name similar to that of a technology owned by Claria may mean the Microsoft/Claria takeover talks could be taking place in the background.

“The New Kid in Town”: MSN AdCenter

If you use Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly known as Overture) for your pay per click advertising, you’ll want to "listen up".

There’s a new competitor on the scene "MSN Ad Center". Microsoft’s pay per click program is called "MSN Keywords" which is the first of several advertising options they have planned.

AdWords Demographics One-Ups AdCenter

Google recently made demographic targeting for AdWords campaigns available for its marketers, who can use the feature to narrow the types of sites that display its advertising.

MSN adCenter Open Enrollment

Precise demographic targeting is the wave of the future, and adCenter has delivered an advanced platform that’s poised to deliver enormous value to search marketers.

Microsoft’s adCenter PPC ad platform has excited search marketers since it appeared in beta form last year. Why? Because for the first time, we can target searchers by age, gender and to some extent, by lifestyle.

MSN adCenter Opens Monday

During a brief three-hour window on March 6, MSN will open up adCenter pilot testing to advertisers wishing to get an early start on their campaigns. Enrollment begins at 9 a.m. Monday for a $5 credit card charge after which advertisers can access their new accounts and begin creating their ads.

Get Into MSN AdCenter

So, are you an advertiser and have been looking to check out MSN AdCenter?

MSN AdCenter: Preview Today, Flat Tomorrow

If you are curious about how ads from the forthcoming adCenter service will look after it replaces Overture this summer, a testing site lets visitors glimpse the future according to adCenter.

What it doesn’t show: the prospect of a leveled-off online ad marketplace.

MSN AdCenter Goes To The Blogs

There is not a great deal of news yet on the MSN adCenter blog, though the team there promises to discuss the latest goings-on with the newest competitor to AdWords and Overture.

MSN AdCenter Reaches Efficient Frontier

The forthcoming advertising network from Microsoft will be supported in Efficient Frontier’s search engine marketing products.

MSN Expects Full Switch to adCenter by Summer

SEW reports that Microsoft plans to switch all of MSN’s advertising to its own adCenter platform by the end of June.

Microsoft AdCenter Generates SEM Buzz

Return-on-investment (ROI) is up and the waiting list for advertisers to join AdCenter has lengthened, causing search marketers to clamor for a quicker AdCenter rollout.

Firefox Extension Could Wreck MSN AdCenter

A dedicated development community has helped the Firefox web browser gain market share; the ability to enhance its usefulness with third-party extensions could be disastrous for Microsoft’s pending debut of AdCenter.

MSN Launches US adCenter Pilot

MSN is set to launch a US pilot of its upcoming MSN adCenter, an invitation only program aimed at search engine marketers. News of the pilot spread via choice email invites and a series of blog entries on the news.

MSN Flies In AdCenter Pilot

The folks at MSN’s Search Weblog posted today an invitation to readers to try out MSN’s new adCenter pilot program. The MSN senior vice president, Yusuf Medhi sent out a letter to some of their bloggers and the post made it up today. Brady Forrest posted a copy of the letter on the blog.

MSN Hunting For AdCenter Marketers

It looks like one doesn’t have to be a google-eyed scientist to work for MSN, where marketing jobs abound.

Ask Jeeves Developing Paid Search Platform

Not content to watch Google and Yahoo gobble all the goodies in the paid-search market, Ask Jeeves is working to develop its own paid-search platform.

Details on MSN’s adCenter Paid Search Ads

Yesterday, Threadwatch member cornwall reported on the upcoming paid search program from MSN Search called adCenter.