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Live Search Sails With New Captain

The Live Search product will no longer be living in the same house with all of the other Windows Live products. A new leader will take it over as Microsoft forms a new “beat Google” corporate group.

Microsoft Overcharges, Refunds, Charges Again

A couple of weeks back a major Microsoft AdCenter bug costed advertisers huge amounts. This bug made the advertisers pay a blasting amount as compared to what they have bid for. However, this bug was soon fixed and before the advertisers could even raise their brows they were paid back.

MS AdCenter Bug Makes Advertisers Pay Huge Sums

A major Microsoft AdCenter bug costs advertisers to shell out huge amounts. This bug makes the advertisers may a blasting amount as compared to what they have bid for.

A Webmasterworld thread addressing the same issue has tremendous amount of posts where affected advertisers have addressed the situation. 

My daily spend increased almost 10-fold from $140 to over $1350 yesterday!

Microsoft Adcenter CPC Bug

As reported over at the SEroundtable and discussed on both WMW and Digital Point Forums, there seems to be a big problem w

AdCenter Labs Features New Toys

New tools at Microsoft’s adCenter allow people to forecast keyword impression counts and demographics, and to detect location details from a search query.

The Geographic Detection tool works in a straightforward manner. Submit a query with a prominent destination like a business or lankmark, and it can provide additional details

AdCenter Scoffs At Panama

Anything Yahoo can do, Microsoft already did. In Microsoft’s opinion, they are doing it a lot better than Yahoo and think the portal will just keep on playing catchup when Panama arrives to take on adCenter.

adCenter Unveils Video Ad Technology

In addition to some new search/keyword technologies, Microsoft also took the lid off of some interesting new online video ad technology developed by adCenter Labs. These developments could easily expand advertising options beyond pre-roll and post-roll spots.

MSN adCenter Showcases New SEM Offerings
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In the face of recurrent search losses, this week Microsoft showed off what its much-touted adCenter Labs has been working on. At Demo Fest in Redmond, Mr. Softie showcased what the company called “breakthrough digital tools” focused on improving keyword and content technologies, ad selection and relevance, audience intelligence, social networking, video, platforms, and devices.

Microsoft Releasing Web Analytics Tool: Gastineau Microsoft Releasing Web Analytics Tool: Gastineau

Marshall Sponder turned me on to a post from Ian Thomas at Microsoft confirming the rumors that Microsoft is building a web analytics application code named Gastineau.

AdCenter Wants To Convert Your Business

The new Microsoft suggests that entering their content network via AdCenter would be an excellent way to promote one’s business, even if it means being a complementary option with other advertising choices.

MSN Media Does Some Shuffling

Joanne Bradford has a new role at Microsoft as her star continues to ascend. The corporate VP and chief media officer for MSN has left a few people playing musical offices in her wake.

Microsoft AdCenter Advertisers Want More

ClickZ looks at the favorable response to Microsoft’s AdCenter platform. They love the traffic, they just need more of it!

Local Live Makes The Call

Business listings on Microsoft’s Windows Live Local search now display a “call for free” link, connecting one’s phone with the business.

Microsoft adCenter Update and Issues

Last month, I announced that I’m now testing the new PPC search offering: Microsoft adCenter – the online advertising platform for MSN Search.

Windows Live Mail Gets Active Search

In conjunction with Microsoft’s recently launched MSN adCenter, the company unveiled a new feature for the Beta version of Windows Live Mail Desktop called “Active Search” that conducts automatic searches related to email content while serving up targeted contextual sponsored links.

Search News for Thursday

ClickTracks offering a $1000 credit towards ClickTracks Pro, JDC or Agency edition for Google Class Action Lawsuit Members…

Internet Ad Revenue Near $4B For Quarter

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) announced that online ad revenue reached $3.864 billion for the first quarter of 2006.

Microsoft adCenter

Since it’s official launch, I’m now testing the new PPC search offering: Microsoft adCenter – the online advertising platform for MSN Search.

Microsoft adCenter – Foxes Need Not Apply

I’ve been excited about the opportunities that exist with the much anticipated release of Microsoft adCenter and recently got a chance to take the reins for the first time.

Microsoft Targeting Google, Maybe

Frequent media stories that aim at pushing Microsoft and Google into an all-out battle royale don’t really hit the mark according to Microsoft’s CEO.

No Yahoo Stake For Microsoft

Microsoft did offer Yahoo CEO Terry Semel a deal where Microsoft would get a stake in Yahoo’s search business, but suggestions that Bill Gates was ready to buy Yahoo simply didn’t happen.