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AdCenter Customers Becoming Disgruntled
It seems that many Microsoft adCenter members are disgruntled with the company policies.

The advertisers are being told to increase their bid prices, which of course is not well taken by the clients. Due to this some have even dropped adCenter in favor of AdWords.

However, it seems that the same thing is being done by Google as well. As even Google’s AdWords representatives tell the advertisers to raise their minimum bid prices, so that they can have better traffic. And most often, they give in because they do get an increased amount of traffic.

Microsoft Teams Up With EDGAR Online on Content Network
Launched last year, Microsoft’s adCenter Content Network only had Microsoft web properties during the initial stage.

adExcellence Accreditation from Microsoft Announced in UK
The moderator at WebmasterWorld, Receptional has said in a WebmasterWorld thread that he got an invitation from Microsoft, asking him for participate in the adExcellence accreditation program in the United Kingdom.

Microsoft’s Sweet New Ad Intelligence Tool
I hate to curse, but this tool is bad ass. Ad Intelligence is a new keyword tool from Microsoft which is well worth using, and will probably force Google and Yahoo to make better keyword tools.

Microsoft Excel AdCenter Add-in & Webinar
Microsoft has announced the launch of the adCenter Add-in for Excel 2007. You might want to download the Add-in from here.

SIM – Microsoft adCenter Add-in

The goods: Microsoft adCenter has a new product rolling out next month. A plugin (”Add-in”) for Excel will give marketers access to automatic tools to generate keywords, expand keyword lists, get actual traffic and demographic data—as in real numbers. If you haven’t seen a demo yet, let me tell you: this looks very cool. Here are my notes from Microsoft’s presentation and demo at the Search Insider Summit today.

Microsoft adCenter Ready To School Advertisers

The adExcellence program being offered by Microsoft will help its advertising clients learn all about adCenter.

Keywords Still the Foundations of SEM Campaigns

Keywords are still the foundation that build all search marketing campaigns. This session will look at researching and developing a killer keyword list for a site or special project. It will also look at tools available to automate the task of finding keywords and phrases.

Working at Microsoft – An adCenter Story

Editor’s note: On occasion we reach out to people in the search marketing industry we’ve come to know and respect with a request to contribute. Today’s contribution comes from Microsoft’s adCenter Community Manager – Europe, Mel Carson. Mel’s job is to support, educate & evangelize through the adCenter Blog, industry forums, and to speak about adCenter at conferences such as SMX, SES, Pubcon and others. Mel writes his own blog at DigiTales & Other Stories.

MSN Jumps on Analytics Train

From the adCenter Blog:

AdCenter Tweaks Its Campaign Manager

The campaigns Microsoft advertisers manage through the company’s adCenter system should be easier to handle after a weekend of upgrades.

Microsoft Tweaks adCenter Quality Ranking

In an acknowledgment of how relevance in search advertising has been so successful, Microsoft moved to give higher quality ranked ads a better shot at appearing.

Microsoft Goes Local With AP

The first product of Microsoft’s aQuantive acquisition is a combination of MSN Video and Atlas AdManager to create a video ad serving platform for the Associated Press that will enable AP media-member and customer websites to serve up local advertising with local content.

Microsoft Announces Content Ads Beta

Beginning August 29th, advertisers will be able to try out placing ads on Microsoft’s content network pages.

New Reports Added To AdCenter

Microsoft’s AdCenter has placed click quality reports in their service for campaign managers to review for their advertising efforts.

Rumor: MySpace Swap For Yahoo Stake
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News Corp could be offering Jerry Yang a deal where they would trade MySpace in exchange for a stake in Yahoo.

Microsoft Explains AdCenter Keyword Rejection
A thread at SERoundtable informs that Microsoft AdCenter takes out the time to explain in detail why certain keywords get rejected.

Reasons cited were:

Microsoft Wants To Do It For You

Microsoft plans to offer a deal to its Office Live customers that will provide site design and search marketing services to those clients.

AdCenter Needs More Blogging

The user interface and reporting features have been updated on adCenter, but communicating these updates doesn’t seem to be a priority.

LookSmart Puts AdCenter Into Context

LookSmart just added contextual ad serving and optimization to its AdCenter platform. With the addition publishers are given more control over the relevance and appearance of ads appearing on websites.

Microsoft AdCenter: An Insight

Over the past one year of its launch Microsoft adCenter has grown a lot. Won’t say that it matches up with Google’s adWords and Yahoo’s ad serving system but still it is doing a remarkable job.

A brief history, Microsoft adCenter was launched in March 2006 in US. It became live in UK in August and in February this year in Canada.

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