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Yahoo’s Organic Results Will Be Bing-Powered By Late August
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Yahoo and Microsoft have provided an update on advertisers’ transition to adCenter as the Search Alliance gets underway.

Yahoo advertisers will soon either have to create a new adCenter account or link their Yahoo account to an existing adCenter account. Later this month, Yahoo advertisers will see an "adCenter" tab in their Yahoo Search Marketing account. This will take advertisers to the beginning of the account transition process where they’ll be walked through the steps.

Yahoo Now Including Bing Results – Tips for Optimizing
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Yahoo has begun testing organic and paid search listings from Microsoft. Up to 25% of its search traffic in the U.S. may see organic listings from Microsoft, and up to 3.5% may see paid listings from Microsoft adCenter. I guess you could say that the early stages of the Search Alliance’s transition have begun.

Will you place more emphasis on Bing optimization as it integrates with Yahoo Search?
 Let us know.

Yahoo Updates Advertisers on Microsoft Transition
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Yahoo has provided an update on the planned search alliance with Microsoft due out later this year. The company says the goal is still to have the transition in the U.S. and Canada complete before the start of the 2010 holiday season.

Yahoo says that in late summer, it will offer a window of several weeks in which advertisers can choose a time to initiate and complete their own transition.

Microsoft Tests New Local Mobile Ad Product
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Microsoft Mobile Advertising has started piloting a new local ad product for mobile. Geodelic, a third party publisher of a location-based discovery app is conducting the pilot.

Yahoo Answers Questions About Microsoft Integration
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Last week, Yahoo posted an update about the search alliance with Microsoft, indicating that it would "protect the holiday period," "ensure a quality transition," and "provide a window-of-time." Advertisers were still left with questions, however, and Yahoo has addressed some of them today.

Yahoo Gives Update on Alliance with Microsoft

We haven’t heard much about the long-awaited Microsoft-Yahoo Search Alliance in a while, but reminding everybody that the integration is still on the way, Yahoo posted an update today via its Search Marketing Blog.

The company says priority one is to make the transition to Microsoft’s adCenter as smooth as possible, and that includes the following steps:

Migrating from Yahoo Search Marketing API to adCenter API
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As you probably know, Microsoft and Yahoo have a search and advertising deal in place. Microsoft has now released a guide for migrating from the Yahoo Search Marketing API to its own adCenter API.

The guide is intended to explain how to develop ad campaigns and request reports in adCenter.

3 Reasons Why Your AdCenter Campaign Could Be Paused

Microsoft shared some info, aiming  to "demystify" downtime in adCenter campaigns. adCenter advertisers may sometimes find that their campaigns are paused, when they check their accounts. Microsoft names three reasons you might see this.

Microsoft Answers Common adCenter API Questions
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Microsoft says it has had a lot of questions lately about access to adCenter API tokens, and the company has addressed these issues on the adCenter API blog. The API program is still in the "pilot" phase, so API tokens are not available to everybody.

Bing Search Summit Reveals More About Bing
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You could learn a lot from a #badabing hashtag. If you search that on Twitter, you’ll find all kinds of tweets from those in attendance at Microsoft’s Bing Search Summit.

It is interesting to see some of the things people are talking about with regards to Bing, and as the search engine is still in its infancy, everybody wants to know all they can. If you dont’ feel like wading through tons and tons of tweets, relax. I’ve done it for you (although I’m sure there will be plenty more since the time of this writing).

Bing Algorithm and Advertising Questions Answered
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Microsoft has posted a FAQ page for adCenter advertisers wondering just what Bing has in store for them. One question pertained to Bing’s algorithm, to which Microsoft’s Carolyn Miller responded:

Micrsoft on Why UK Advertisers Should Use adCenter

Microsoft faces some pretty tough competition in the pay-per-click space. On the adCenter blog today, they have posted some reasons they think users (at least in the UK) would benefit more from adCenter than its "main adCentercompetitor."

New Ways To Track Microsoft adCenter Conversions

Different people have different ways of counting conversions, and options with which to do so can prove helpful for catering to the advertiser’s personal preferences. Microsoft has released a new package of conversion counting controls for adCenter.

Microsoft Closing Shop on adCenter Analytics
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Microsoft’s adCenter Analytics has not yet left beta, and it appears that it will not ever do so. The company announced today that the program will be shut down at the end of the year.

5 Microsoft adCenter Performance Tips
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Advertisers who use Microsoft adCenter were treated today to some tips on getting ads up faster and improving their performance. Obviously these are essential factors to the success of a campaign.

Microsoft Enhances adCenter, Offers Tips

The Microsoft adCenter team took the holiday break to put some "finishing touches" on some enhancements to the service. These enhancements include:

Microsoft Helps adCenter Customers Get Help

Getting support for any product is often a painstaking and time consuming ordeal. There are parts of Microsoft that I have personally had such trouble with.

Microsoft Discusses Updating adCenter Bids
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The economy’s crashing, the holidays are coming, and businesses are growing ultra-competitive.  It’s time to revisit online marketing campaigns, then, and Microsoft has released some tips on how adCenter users can decide if their bids need to be updated.

Utilizing Match Types Can Save Your SEM Dollars
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Google’s been offering some great AdWords tips lately. Specifically, they recently discussed the advantages of using the broad match option and the negative keyword option. Mike McDonald also spoke with Ken Jurina of Epiar about the negative keyword option in the following interview at PubCon.

Microsoft Introduces adCenter Learning Center
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Instructions can sometimes be a little overwhelming; what comes with a new cell phone will keep you occupied for about as long as Stephen King’s "The Stand."  It never hurts to have some help available, though, and so Microsoft has introduced the adCenter Learning Center.

Microsoft Opens Door To AdCenter Community
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A new community site to support Microsoft’s adCenter clients opened during the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.