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Facebook Rolling Out Action-Based Status Option That Links to Pages

After testing the new feature back in January, Facebook has officially launched their new action-based statuses that let you share how you’re feeling or what you’re doing with a fun little emoticon. And and automatic link to the relevant Facebook page, which is the key aspect of this new feature. Starting today, Facebook is rolling out the new sharing option …

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Facebook Adds 9 New Open Graph Actions for Lifestyle Apps

Today, Facebook is announced nine new Open Graph actions for lifestyle (fitness, books, movies & TV) app. Starting now, developers can start incorporating “run,” “walk,” and “bike” for fitness apps, “read,” “rate,” “quote,” and “want to read” for books apps, and “rate,” and “want to watch” for movies and TV apps. Many popular apps in these categories have already added …

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Facebook Cleans Up Open Graph Actions – Less Spam, More Consistency

Facebook is cleaning up Open Graph actions in order to make the user experience less spammy and more uniform across the site. First announced back in October 2012, Facebook says they will begin to implement the new Open Graph action guidelines on Wednesday, February 6th. “Starting today, custom actions that automatically publish back to Facebook as a person consumes content …

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Facebook Actions and New Open Graph Apps Reportedly Launching Wednesday

Facebook announced last September at its f8 event that users would be able to start using more “actions” on Facebook as they engage with various apps and sites. That means doing things besides “liking” content, whether that means listened to, watched, cooked, or whatever. “[We’re] going to make it so you can connect to anything you want in any way …

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