Acquisition Articles

Interview with PRWeb CEO David McInnis

PRWeb is best known for being in the news distribution business. With the acquisition by public relations software firm Vocus last week, PRWeb has bumped up it’s own presence in the news.

MySQL Named As Possible Acquisition Target

As corporations continue to merge, sell out, and gobble each other up, analysts have identified the next likely targets in the software world: MySQL and Linux.

Symantec Beats Analysts’ Expectations

Symantec, the security software corporation, beat Wall Street analysts’ quarterly profit and revenue predictions with its Tuesday posting. This had the effect of sending the company’s stock shares up by 3 percent.

Imagine the 10-gigapixel photo… Mcirosoft is!

This interesting article describes how a Microsoft researcher (Michael Cohen – see bio) is trying to create a photo this summer (in Seattle) that will contain 10 billion pixels.

5 Key Components Of A Small Business Acquisition Loan

Qualifying for a small business acquisition loan can be quite an ordeal to say the least.

Skype Calling On Businesses

Growing their active user base means attracting the business community, and Skype has taken a step in that direction with a new website and by Salesforce.com integrating Skype into their CRM product.

Windows Live Search to Replace MSN Search

Microsoft’s Live.com is getting major upgrades (very slow right now) via Scobelizer and more details including RSS feed search over at Read/Write Web.

Oracle Acquisitions are Not About MySQL

I’ve been thinking about this for the last day or so and have come to the conclusion that Oracle’s acquisition of Sleepycat Software (and Berkeley DB) is not about MySQL.

Can a Napkin Business Plan be the Next Google?

Marketing Experiments has announced a “Back of a Napkin” business planning contest. They say they are are looking for the next Google’.

Yahoo! Acquires Unnamed Company

Ah, satire. If you ever wonder whether you company is getting a reputation, just wait for the blogosphere to make fun of you.

Yahoo! Acquires Webjay, Launches Yahoo! Music Blog

I know that Steve Rubel outed the Yahoo! Music Blog back when it was… in beta (yeah, that’s it!).

Call it What You Want, the Web is Changing

The tech blogosphere is troubling lately. Lots of echoes, as seen by the Yahoo! acquisition.

Yahoo Builds Blogging Into Small Business
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A deal with Movable Type software maker Six Apart has Yahoo offering professional blogging tools with its small business web services.

AOL Pictures Itself In Photo Sharing

Yahoo’s Flickr gets some extra competition from AOL today, as the Time Warner portal relaunches its photo sharing presence online.

7 Customer Acquisition Schemes Your Competitor is Hiding From You

Customer Acquisition is beyond doubt the number one priority for all serious business owners.

Does Weblogs Acquisition Herald A Reintegration Of The Web?

In workshops and talks, I’ve been suggesting that the web has become balkanized. Three separate entities have emerged; the reference web, the collaborative web, and the broadband web.

Microsoft Unveils Speech Tech Acquisition

Some of Unveil Technologies’ intellectual property pertaining to speech recognition has been purchased by Microsoft.

LinkShare to be Rakuten’s Biggest Acquisition Ever

Japanese Internet shopping portal Rakuten is buying Internet Capital Group partner Linkshare Corporation for about $425 million in cash.

Incisive Media Talks About SES Acquisition

Tim Weller, chief executive officer of Incisivemedia led the just-completed acquisition of the Search Engine Strategies circuited conference, Clickz and the online search engine journal SearchEngineWatch from Jupitermedia. The purchase raised more than a few eyebrows in the search engine world as the SES conferences are a major venue for the industry.

IAC Completes Ask Jeeves Acquisition

Earlier this year, March to be exact, it was announced that never-say-die search engine Ask Jeeves was being acquired by IAC, the owner of other lucrative Internet properties like Ticketmaster and Expedia.com.

Microsoft Raises FrontBridge Acquisition

The Redmond-based home of Windows and Xbox will purchase a secure managed messaging services company.