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Google Plus DoubleClick: Truthiness and Trustiness

The Google Acquisition of DoubleClick has Microsoft and AT&T screeching "Monopoly!" to the US Department of Justice (DOJ) Antitrust division. In a video interview with John Batelle at WebProNews last week, Google CEO Eric Schmidt responded to a comment from Batelle about "anti-competitive practices" by reacting in what seemed like mock surprise. "Microsoft! … AT&T?

StumbleUpon Launches StumbleThru

  Popular web site discover service, StumbleUpon, is not letting acquisition talk distract it from launching new features for its users. Today’s launch of StumbleThru will allow users to explore personalized recommendations from sites such as Flickr, Wikipedia, MySpace and YouTube.

eBay’s Stumbleupon Acquisition Ridiculous?

The GetANewBrowser blog says that Stumbleupon’s acquisition by eBay is ridiculous.

I don’t think so. Everytime I’m on Stumbleupon I get more traffic than I’ve gotten from any other Internet site or blog other than Digg (and I’ve been on quite a few of the world’s top Web sites, including home page of BBC). There are a LOT of people using Stumbleupon and that audience is among the most engaged of all Web sites out there.

Web 2.0 Expo: Jeff Weiner of Yahoo! Interview

Wednesday’s keynote at the Web 2.0 Expo was Yahoo’s Executive Vice President of their Network Division. Jeff first covered what the network division consists of:

Microsoft Bidding Up Acquisitions On Purpose?

Don Dodge, who works at Microsoft, offers up some interesting analysis of Google and Microsoft’s acquisition strategy. Not saying I agree with it, but it does make for fun Sunday-morning reading.

Looking at DoubleClick’s Past
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Google News Archive search is a nice way to recap coverage of a person or company throughout the years. Here are bits and pieces of past DoubleClick coverage.

Google Goes Crazy Over Acquisitions

If a company wants to place itself in position for a big check from Google, being a little bit crazy helps. So does bringing in the kind of traffic that can make crazy money for Google.

Ad Exchange Market Heats Up

It hasn’t been a secret in the industry that Doubleclick is working on an ad exchange that’s something along the lines of what we do at Right Media.

Google Announces Trendalyzer Acquisition

Google just announced they’ve acquired Gapminder’s Trendalyzer, a software that (quote Gapminder) “unveils the beauty of statistics by converting boring numbers into enjoyable interactive animations.”

Cisco Conferences WebEx Into An Acquisition

$3.2 billion in a cash tender offer for WebEx shares will bring the online conferencing company into Cisco’s fold.

Microsoft Confirms Tellme Acquisition

After much rumor earlier in the week, Microsoft has indeed agreed to acquire speech recognition software provider, Tellme.

Facebook Not Impressing Some Advertisers

Valleywag doesn’t elaborate on the media buyers complaining that advertising on Facebook just isn’t worth it. But if this is the frigid, penetrating tip of an iceberg, all eyes will soon be on Mark Zuckerberg, watching to see how he’s going to fix things.

Zuckerberg, in the meantime, will look back with yearning at the billion-dollar acquisition offers.

Microsoft Announces Acquisition of Medstory

Seeking no doubt to improve upon its dismal figures in the search market, Microsoft revealed plans today to acquire Medstory, a company that develops search technology for those operating specifically within the healthcare sector.

Yahoo’s Impressive Acquisition Collection

Read/WriteWeb has a pretty cool summary of all the acquisitions made by Yahoo since around 2005.

Some MyBlogLog Tools

MyBlogLog has been growing leaps and bounds since it’s launch about 6 months ago.

Yahoo! Shake Up – COO, CFO Out

Rumor has been circulating this afternoon regarding a major corporate announcement from Yahoo! Many speculated that CEO Terry Semel would resign, others thought Yahoo! might announce the long rumored acquisition of Facebook.

How Google, YouTube Hosed Artists

Mark Cuban has been as compelling to follow in the tech world as he has been during the NBA season, and his latest find from a trusted source in digital media illustrated the continued struggle artists have with the organizations that ostensibly represent their interests.

TechCrunch Says That Digg is Talking About Aquisitions

Techcrunch Digg Does The Acquisition Dance With News Corp.

YouTube On Pace To Outgrow MySpace

This must have been one of the selling points for Google when deciding to buy out YouTube. According to Compete.com’s Jay Meattle, YouTube is beating MySpace in terms of month-by-month growth.

Interview with ClickTracks CEO John Marshall

Last week I got the opportunity to speak with the CEO of ClickTracks John Marshall. During the interview I was able to get his views about topics such as the Web Analytics Industry and J.L. Halsey’s acquisition of ClickTracks.

Acquisition Binge Can Cause Indigestion

Over-eating or bingeing is detrimental to one’s health. Similarly, over-acquisition can cause corporate indigestion such as over-leveraging, integration difficulties, cultural misfits etc. You are what you eat.