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Gene Simmons Gets Called Out by Ace Frehley Over Depression Comments

Ace Frehley freely speaks his mind, especially when he’s telling other people when to shut up. In a recent interview with Billboard Magazine, Frehley had a ball talking about his new album, Space Invader. But when asked about some of Gene Simmons’ and Paul Stanley’s recent business ventures, he chimed right in. “I don’t want to be part owner of …

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Ace Frehley Has Dirt on Paul Stanley

Kiss guitarist/vocalist Paul Stanley’s new memoir, Face the Music: A Life Exposed, is a tell-all tome that dishes some unflattering mud on his Kiss bandmates. Stanley has been promoting the book tirelessly, including in a well-received Reddit AMA where he was asked questions like: Q: Did you ever want to punch Gene Simmons in the face? A: I’m really not …

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Ace Frehley Home Destroyed By Fire

Early on Saturday, New York firefighters were called out to a suburban home going up in flames. When the smoke cleared, it turned out that the heavily damaged property belonged to celebrity rocker, Ace Frehley. At about 11 AM, firefighters from multiple departments arrived on the scene after there had been a report of heavy smoke rising from the home. …

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