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Online Video Apps Revenue Reach $494 Million

Online video applications, platforms, advertising networks and related services generated $494 million in revenue in 2008, up 86 percent over 2007, according to a new report from AccuStream iMedia Research.

Value added service providers (VASP), video content management systems (CMS) and ad network revenues combined are forecast to increase 41 percent in 2009 and 38 percent in 2010.

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Online Video Media Spend To Grow 22%

Online video media spend totaled $2.1 billion in 2008, up 36 percent over 2007, and is forecast to continue double-digit increases through 2010 at a moderating rate, according to a report from AccuStream iMedia Research.

The report, "Online Video Media Spend: 2003-2010," calculates multiple ad sales components corresponding to annual growth  2003-2010 by avail unit: pre-roll, In-banner video, overlays, in-game, podcast, player display and skins.

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Online Video Attractive To All Ages

User-generated videos (UGVs) totaled 22 billion views in 2007, an increase of 70 percent over 2006, according to Accustream iMedia Research’s "UGV 2005-2008: Mania Meets Mainstream" report.

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Online Amateur Videos Get Fewer Comments

Professional online video content may attract more comments than user-generated content according to Accustream iMedia Research report, "User Generated Video 2005-2008: Metadata Metrics."

Total user-generated videos published in 2007 reached an estimated 1.2 million, along with 26.5 million related comments.

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