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EFF Reaffirms Why CISPA Is So Bad EFF Reaffirms Why CISPA Is So Bad

I think we can all agree that CISPA is pretty rotten. It’s just another attempt at ramming Internet regulation ala SOPA through the gates to give a limited few an advantage while the online civil liberties of everybody else suffers. …

Google Less Accountable Than Interpol?

In a superficial way, here’s one for the conspiracy theorists and pissed-off privacy advocates: One World Trust placed Google below Interpol – and indeed, at the very bottom of a list – in terms of accountability.

Capturing Skim Readers

I’m busy, you’re busy.

So are the folks that are reading your words.

Whether you write white papers, articles or blog entries, it is important to meet the needs of the skimmer.

Its Really An Accountability Issue

You’ve studied, you’ve learned, you’ve got a game plan and you’re well intentioned. So why is it that you still don’t seem to get around to executing the marketing plan?

Accountability vs. Blame

I’ve discovered that most of the time, when executives tell me that “what we need around here is more accountability,” what they really mean is, “I need to know who I should blame when things go wrong.”

Accountability In Trading
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I recently heard from a trader who told me he has been having problems with discipline in his day trading. He knows how to trade, he knows the setups he needs to be looking for in the charts, when to enter, and when to exit. His trouble is in having the discipline to wait for only those setups and not to take half baked trades in the meantime.

Accountability Method Of Boosting Online ROI
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The reality of online marketing is getting harsher every day. Ad prices are up, conversion is down. Visitors don’t buy. Pay per click bids are insane but only the top ten advertisers in each category care. The rest get barely any traffic at all.

It’s About Accountability . . .You Don’t Need to Go it Alone

During a recent meeting of my Million-Dollar Round Table–a master mind team of business owners–two significant decisions were made. They were not the only decisions made, but these happened to have resulted in several thousand dollars being saved and will earn several thousand more.

Accountability: The Key to Respect, Raises, More Staff and Bigger Budgets

First the bad news
As businesses “down size,” “right size, ” merge or are acquired, jobs are lost. So, if you’re worried about your future, you’re not alone. With today’s business climate the way it is, I know many marketing and communications professionals who have had severe budget cuts, run understaffed departments, or fear being let go during the next wave of cutbacks.

Marketing Audits: Why Principles Of Accountability In Marketing Are Useful

More audits are being performed in financial departments today due to the irresponsible behavior of a few top executives. Why stop there? Might it not be useful also to look at marketing investments as a fertile field for scrutiny? A marketing audit would measure profit and loss just as an accounting audit does. That is, it would measure return on investment (ROI). This article points out the benefits a company can derive from measuring the ROI of marketing to see whether this vital activity is being used to its full potential.