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Accoona Co-Founder Has Colorful History
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Armand Rousso’s past and a deeper look at Accoona’s business has observers wondering if the company will be able to conduct a planned IPO.

Accoona Heads To Wall Street, Plans IPO
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The Accoona search engine first launched in 2004 with a proprietary artificial intelligence technology backing its query engine.

Things You Didn’t Know About Accoona
Due to the generous networking opportunities at last week’s conference, it was easy to meet a variety of people even though the event was fairly small. One person I met was John Fernandez from Accoona. You may remember Accoona from their launch event with past President, Bill Clinton. I hadn’t heard a whole lot about Accoona lately and was interested to hear their take on running a search engine in a Google dominated world.

Accoona Europe Launch Spurs Controversy

Although the search engine company will debut its service in Europe, its Chinese history has driven some to criticize Accoona.

Hitting The Accoona SuperTarget

A search engine developed by Accoona Corp. uses various artificial intelligence techniques to offer enhanced search results.

Accoona a Fool to Enter Search Engine Arena?

The Motley Fool throws in its two cents regarding the launch of Accoona. It seems they think the industry might be too mature for a new contender to catch-up.

Multiple Search Engine Universe

For the past three years, Google dominated the search engine field. Just 12 months ago, Google provided nearly 80% of all search results viewed on the web, including the organic results displayed by Yahoo.

Searching with Artificial Intelligence

The Accoona Corporation has launched a new search engine. The company’s Web-Search Platform, www.Accoona.com, features a breakthrough Artificial Intelligence powered search engine.

Bill Clinton Helps Launch Accoona Search Engine

Bill Clinton helps launch the Chinese backed search engine and gives them words of encouragement that would make Google cringe…