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Browser Size Tool Comes To Google Analytics, Lets You Analyze “Above The Fold”

Google announced the launch of the Browser Size analysis tool in Google Analytics, under the In-Page Analytics report. The tool shades the portions of a page that are “below the fold,” and shows you what percentage of users are seeing how much of the page. “What is actually ‘above the fold’ on a web page is a significant factor to …

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Matt Cutts Offers ‘Above the Fold’ Clarification

When Google announced their algorithm change to penalize sites using too many ads, ones that appear above the fold, the first, if not only response was, “how much is too much?” The first, best answer is, thanks to some clarification offered by Google’s Matt Cutts — during a Google hangout/video chat session — it’s not a numbers game. Google hasn’t …

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Google’s Algorithm Testing Raises Questions About “Above the Fold”

At PubCon in Las Vegas, Google’s Matt Cutts and Amit Singhal held a webmaster Q&A session with attendees, and referenced (among many other things) some algorithm testing that they’re doing, which we may see the results of in 2012. This involves Google’s algorithm examining what appears “above the fold” on a content page, and more specifically, what appears in the …

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