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Abigail Hernandez Waited A Week To ID Her Captor

Abigail Hernandez was kidnapped and held for nine months at the mercy of her captor, Nate Kibby. The then 14-year-old New Hampshire girl didn’t make it home from school on an October afternoon in 2013. Abigail Hernandez returned home in July of this year. She then held off on telling police who her captor was for an entire week. Abigail …

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Abigail Hernandez: Why Did She Wait To ID Her Captor?

The kidnapping case of Conway, N.H. native Abigail Hernandez doesn’t appear to be an open and shut case. After disappearing in October 2013, the teen was safely returned home on July 20 of this year. It was reported recently that teen waited nearly a week to reveal the identity of the man who abducted her. According to court documents obtained …

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Abigail Hernandez: New Info on N.H. Girl’s Abduction

Abigail Hernandez was abducted from Conway, New Hampshire, while walking home from school back on October 9, 2013. Nine months later she returned. The media has yet to learn whether her abductor released her or if she escaped from confinement. In fact, very little has been said about the case at all, with the exception of who Abigail’s abductor was. …

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