Abandonment Articles

Web Analytics – Abandonment

The classic web analytics funnel analysis is simple indeed.

The key metric is the percentage of times the process is abandoned on each step. The implicit assumption is that steps with the highest abandonment rates are the biggest problem.

Money Seekers Dump Applications Online

Out of those who apply for various financial services online, 54 percent are thought to abandon the process before it is completed.

E-commerce Shopping Carts: Stop Abandonment

Internet retailers work hard to get prospective buyers to visit their e-commerce website.

Discover Seven Shopping Cart Enhancements to Increase Your Sales Guaranteed

For online businesses with their main goal of selling products, shopping cart abandonment can mean the difference between profitability and loss. But since recent surveys suggest that less than 50% of retailers know their shopping cart abandonment rate, let’s review what it is and why it is important to know.