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Is Google More Focused On Penalties Or Positive Features?

While it’s nothing new, a lot of webmasters are frustrated with Google for penalties their sites have received. The recent attack on guest blog posts has sparked a whole new round of outcries. Google says, however, that it tries to focus more on proactive and positive features, and less on penalties. You wouldn’t know that to read conversations that are …

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Google, Takedown Requests & The Unknown

As you may know, Google is now using the amount of takedown requests it receives for a site as a ranking signal. Google publicly announced this change earlier this month, and it’s been something of a controversial topic within the webmaster community. Interestingly, according to Google’s Transparency Report, the number of takedown requests has actually decreased since the announcement, but …

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Aaron Wall Interview: Google Paid Link Story Wrap-Up

The topic of paid links is in the headlines once again, and ironically, Google is the accused. As WebProNews previously reported, Google was recently caught up in a controversy after it violated its own Webmaster Guidelines as part of a marketing campaign for Google Chrome.

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