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Apple Stock Is A Lot Lower Than It Was Last Month [AAPL]

It wasn’t all that long ago that we were reporting that Apple stock had hit an all-time high. When the company launched the iPhone 5, shares skyrocketed, sending them over $700. Now, shares are a bit closer to Earth at $591.42 (-12.58‎, -2.08%‎) as of the time of this writing. Trading was halted temporarily thanks to Hurricane Sandy, but the …

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AAPL Announces Huge Dividend Payouts To Shareholders

Apple’s announcement today that it would be paying out billions of dollars worth of dividends to shareholders came as something of a surprise to those who remember the company from Steve Jobs’ days. The plan includes stock buybacks that wouldn’t have happened when Jobs was in office. “No, this would not have happened,” said Bill Simon, co-author of a 2005 …

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