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CES 2014: Sharp Shows Off an 8K Display

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show is here and the buzzwords of the show are “ultra HD” and “4K.” As TV manufacturers concede that 3D TV was generally a dumb idea many of them are now turning toward 4K as the next big feature to sell customers on new TVs. This being CES, however, manufacturers are known for showing off technology …

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Sharp 85-Inch TV Unveiled at CES 2014

Early reports from CES 2014 showed that this year might be the year of the humongously-big TV, with Samsung and Vizio both unveiling TV’s topping the 100-inch milestone. Of course, both TV’s feature the newest 4k technology, allowing one to view TV as one has never viewed it before. That was until Sharp revealed their designs for an 85-inch, 8k …

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