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8-Inch Tablet Demand Reportedly Low

Last month, analysts began predicting that tablet manufacturers would begin introducing 8-inch tablet models this fall to compete with Apple’s iPad Mini. Sure enough, tablet manufacturers such as LG began to announce such tablets at the beginning of September. Now, with the back-to-school season coming to a close, it appears that the demand for 8-inch tablets may not have matched …

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LG’s 8.3-Inch G Pad Tablet Announced

As the mini-tablet market begins to take sales from the full-sized tablet segment, those same tablets, like smartphones, are beginning to creep up in size. A number of new tablets in the 8-inch size category have already been predicted for this fall. This week, LG proved the predictions right by announcing a new 8.3-inch tablet. The device, named the G …

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8-Inch Tablets Predicted For This Fall

As the 7-inch tablet market becomes more crowded, and as 7-inch tablets have become less expensive, they have made up a growing portion of the overall tablet market. Now, with smartphones creeping up to mini-tablet sizes, tablets themselves are beginning to grow larger. Samsung and Apple are rumored to be creating mega-tablets with 12-inch screens, and DigiTimes today reported that …

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