Page: White Spaces Wireless Not A Pipe Dream

Page: White Spaces Wireless Not A Pipe Dream

By WebProNews Staff May 22, 2008

Part of Google’s ruling triumvirate, co-founder Larry Page, appeared on Capitol Hill to talk about broadband and other topics, like the ability to deliver wireless high-speed Internet within the 700MHz spectrum.

FCC Auction Bidding Tops $11.5 Billion

The big prize, a slice of spectrum covering the US, has stalled at a bid of $4.29 billion, under the Federal Communication Commission’s reserve price of $4.6 billion.

FCC Approves Google For Wireless Auction
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The 700MHz wireless spectrum auction on January 24th opens with 214 bidders chasing the big prize, with Google competing with an assortment of telecoms both big and small.

Google, Microsoft Co-Founder Bidding For Spectrum

The 700MHz wireless spectrum auction taking place in 2008 will have 96 bidders seeking this lucrative slice of the airwaves.Google, Microsoft Co-Founder Bidding For Spectrum

Google Challenges Verizon On Open Access

Verizon has been lobbying for changes to the 700MHz wireless auction that would remove an open access requirement permitting subscribers to use any handset they like with that spectrum.

Google Calls Out Verizon Over Lawsuit

Verizon Wireless has sued to prevent the eventual winner of the 700MHz wireless spectrum from conforming with FCC requirements for open devices and applications.

Schmidt Talks Freedom; China Still Out Of Luck

Google CEO Eric Schmidt ascended to the Aspen Summit to discuss what freedom and openness means to his company and its customers.

FCC Calls Google’s Bluff

If Google wants to see the winner of the 700MHz spectrum adhere to its four proposed openness conditions, Google will have to push its money into the pot. That isn’t going to happen.

FCC Voting On Wireless Spectrum Today

The Federal Communications Commission will lay down the ground rules for the 700MHz auction coming in 2008, as Google and a host of telcos watch.

Cringely Calls Google 700MHz Bid A Feint
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Google doesn’t want to pay what could end up a $10 billion price tag for the 700MHz wireless spectrum. They just want to include conditions that benefit them for free.

Google Undecided On Joining Wireless Auction

With a nationwide transition to digital television slowly taking place, Google may be interested in participating in the federal auction of the 700MHz wireless bands.