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World’s Largest 3D Print Was Just Made On A Desktop 3D Printer

Desktop 3D printers can’t print large objects. At best, they can print small toys or puzzles. Skylar Tibbits, the man behind 4D printing, just proved all of that wrong with a new 3D printing method. Tibbits recently teamed up with researchers from Brazil, the US and Israel to create a new 3D printing method called Hyperform. Taking a cue from …

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About 4D Printing

Back in February, Skylar Tibbits revealed that he was working on a project called 4D printing. In essence, the technology would allow for 3D printed parts to assemble themselves into usable objects. It’s a concept straight out of futurism fiction, but various research facilities are making it into a reality. Now the TED presentation Tibbits made is online for everybody …

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4D Printing Is The Future Of 3D Printing And It’s Already Here

3D printing is over 20 years old, but it feels like we’re just finally starting to truly unlock the potential of the technology. The continued march of technology is relentless, however, and some inventors are already thinking about what comes next. The next big thing may very well be 4D printing, a new technology from Skylar Tibbits, an architect, designer …

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