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411 Most Widely Used Mobile Search

There were 46.1 million mobile data users in the U.S. that used mobile search functions in the third quarter of 2007 according to a report by The Nielsen Company examining the mobile search behavior of wireless subscribers.

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GOOG or CALL for Free 411

Both Google and Microsoft have now introduced their voice-based local search facility for your phone.

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Microsoft Breaks Out New Live Search Tools

Maps, local, and mobile services all figured in Microsoft’s latest updates to their Live Search product, following their work on the entertainment, health, and shopping search verticals.

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Google 411’s Impressive Debut

 Today, I was driving in San Francisco with a couple of other SEO-types and we spotted a prominent billboard for Google’s 411 service.

Read More Scores 411 Patent, Stock Soars

The world was relatively quiet last week when announced it had been awarded a patent on local search. Not so today, as another patent is revealed for an ad-supported 411 local search model. As of right now, 2:30 EDT, shares of are up 62 percent.

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Free 411 From Microsoft’s Tellme

In case you missed it, April is “National Launch a Free 411 Service” month. I know, we both missed it on our calendars, but I know it’s true because hot on the heels of Google’s free 411 service, comes news that Microsoft’s recently acquired Tellme has launched its free 411 offering.

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Google’s Got The 411

Don’t have access to a computer or phone book but need to find the number of a local business? Google Labs has launched an "experiment" that provides free 411 services.

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Whats The 411? Free, Thats What

Never pay for directory assistance again-or at least until some major communications company buys this thing and puts it to rest. Jingle Networks, Inc. has set up the first free nationwide consumer telephone directory assistance service by launching 1-800-FREE411.

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Company Teams with LookSmart on Free 411 Service

UpSNAP! has partnered with LookSmart to offer its customers a new way to extend their reach off-line and directly to consumers via text-enabled cell phones under a pay-per-click/call model.

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Wireless numbers to be added to 411

Looking for a friend but don’t have her phone number with you? For now, you can call directory assistance for her home number, but her wireless digits are off limits from 411. That’s about to change, however. After years of hesitation, cellular providers are getting close to making wireless numbers available to 411 callers.

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