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“404 Not Found”:Don’t Let This Be YOU

You’re all fired up and ready to go. Enthusiasm bubbles over – you’re eager to start your online business and want to get going as fast as you can.

Quick and Easy Custom 404 Pages

By design, the server that hosts your web site delivers a 404 Error / Page Not Found when a surfer clicks on a link that the server cannot find or something else unexpected happens. The most common error page is the HTTP 404 “Not found: The requested URL/whatever.html was not found on this server.”

How to Create Good Custom ‘404 Error’ Pages

When visitors to your site misspell your URLs, or follow broken links to your pages, their browser will display a ‘404 Error’ page that will tell them that the page they were trying to access does not exist. At this point, they will most likely leave, rather than trying to guess how to get to their intended destination.

How to Create a Custom 404 Error Page and Get Your Lost Visitors Back

One thing that’s certain on the Web is nothing stays the same for very long. This is especially true when it comes to pages of your website. When you first create your site you may think you’ll never need to alter the structure. But as your site grows, chances are there will come a day when you need to move or change the names of existing pages.

Successful Site Architecture: Notes taken at the Search Engine Strategies Conference

This information-packed session should be on a “not to be missed” list for future participants, no matter what their level of expertise. I found myself continually saying, “Oh yeah! I forgot about that!” as they discussed strategy after strategy. The session offered excellent reminders of things that are so easy to forget, especially considering how complex search engine marketing is. And, it presented new strategies as well, important strategies that need to be placed in the forefront of all search engine marketing endeavors.

Handling 404 errors with email – and a twist…

Everyone has seen an HTTP 404 error at some point. You follow a link on a web page, and BOOM – File not found. Perhaps the author spelt it incorrectly, or the page was uploaded to the server by mistake. I’ll show you how to handle this gracefully*, and send an email to yourself so the problem gets fixed. But first, what did I mean when I said “Make money from error handling”?

Advanced 404 Pages

In a previous article, I discussed the advantages of using a customized 404 error page on your site and gave instructions on how to create one. As I explained back then, these pages are highly useful because they enable you to benefit from traffic that would otherwise be lost. They however do have one dark side that can make maintaining your site significantly more difficult than what it has been before.

Use 404 Pages to Your Advantage

“Not found The requested URL /file.html was not found on this server. Apache/1.3.14 Server at www.yourdomain.com Port 80″

Does that look familiar?