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Smithsonian Opens Its Collection To 3D Printers Everywhere

The Smithsonian, like most museums, have a strict “Do Not Touch” policy. It goes without saying that many of the objects in the museum’s collection are very old and very fragile. Merely touching them could do immeasurable damage to the artifact. So, how do you get these objects into the hands of educators? The Smithsonian has recently opened a new …

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Rubicon Wants To Be Your Cheap 3D Scanner

For the past year, 3D printers have been in a race to the bottom to see who can offer the most sophisticated hardware at the lowest price. That race isn’t going to end anytime soon, but there’s another related race that’s just starting. Robert Mikelson of Latvia recently unveiled the Rubicon – a $199 3D scanner – on Indiegogo. It’s …

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