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James Cameron Pushes 3-D in China

Love it or hate it, 3-D moviemaking has some huge support from powerful players in the movie industry and it won’t be going away anytime soon. James Cameron’s Cameron Pace Group announced today that it will be launching a venture to push 3-D moviemaking in China. According to an Associated Press report, the company will be partnering with two Chinese …

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Global Entertainment Industry Sees Growth

The world has been long addicted to media-driven entertainment, since the time of black and white TV, and now with digital content making it’s way into every mobile device, plasma screen, music player, satellite phone, video game console, etc., the demand is growing, which bodes well for the forecast of the global entertainment industry. According to a study by Global …

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Every 3D Movie Ever Made

Sony may have taken a beating over in their PlayStation 3 department, other arms of the Sony entertainment octopus has apparently been busy cataloging every 3D movie ever made in order to release a nifty infographic. While I’m not sure if the graphic was made to offer support for the style of movie-making, or if to inform the public about …

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