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3D Babies Appears To Be In Business, Will 3D Print Your Fetus For $600

In October of last year, 3D Babies wanted to prove that Japan wasn’t the only country producing creepy 1:1 scale 3D printed fetuses. It needed help in its quest though and took to Indiegogo to raise $15,000. It only managed to bring in $1,225, however, and all was thought lost. While a failed Indiegogo campaign may spell death for many …

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3D Babies Takes The Creepy Crown From Those 3D Printed Fetuses

Remember those 3D printed fetuses that were all the rage in Japan last year? It was a little creepy, sure, but at least it was a little endearing. A similar project from the U.S. is now seeking funding, but it’s a hell of a lot creepier. Say hello to 3D Babies – a startup that promises to 3D print a …

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