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Site Move Planned? Remember Your 301s
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301 redirections will help Google find your site if a move to a new domain, as they reminded webmasters with some helpful moving tips.

MSN Loses (Badly) In 301 Indexing Race

Moving a website can be intimidating, especially if it’s a bigger site. There will almost certainly be a loss of traffic, and much of that is due to the time it takes the search engines to recognize the new site. There are ways to dull the pain, but don’t count on Microsoft for it. 

How to *Properly* Create a 301 Redirect in .htaccess
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Last weekend, when I moved my blog to this new domain, after moving the files from their old location at http://www.infohatter.com/blog/ to their present location, I needed to set up a redirect to ensure that traffic following links pointing to the old location would still end up at the right posts.